Merlin Affleck - Devon Special Meetings - November 25, 2006

Hymn 359, "So Strange It Seems"      

Hymn 360, "I Have Overcome"



The world is his topic not because there is a concern.  There are quality young people in the Kingdom.  It is just to reinforce what they are already doing.  Threefold enemy:  the world is most enticing, the flesh is the closest, and the devil is the subtlest.


The world was evil when God sent the flood; it was evil 2,000 years ago.  Galatians 4:1 spoke of the present evil world.  The government had power to take baby's lives and to take people's heads in Jesus’ lifetime. 

John 17:14, Jesus’ prayer to keep them from the evil - not of the world as I am not of the world.  Jesus never taught isolation, He taught insulation. 

Romans 5 - end of verse 20, grace did much more abound.  In the early nineteens, there was not a lot of sin but there was also not a lot of fellowship.  Grace is abounding now - fellowship, bible studies, convention, and special meetings.


The world affects us like hypothermia - creeping in and squeezes out.  Matthew 24:12, love of many wax cold - wax is a little at a time.  Coldness puts one to sleep.  We need fellowship since one log alone does not burn.  Help the fire burn, put more together.  The church at Ephesus had lost their first love.  We follow our heart not our head.  Get it in our heart.  If we love truth, nothing else affects us. 

Matthew 13:22, priorities; world pushing in and squeezing out time to pray.  Our seed of truth is a poor competitor for the thorns.  We need to be careful of more and more unnecessary cares.

Fruit was coming but it was squeezed out.  Throw out completely what robs.

Moses asked time to go to the mountain to worship so the King made it harder.  Pressure was put on so there would be no idle time.   Genesis 18, Abraham sat in the tent door, he was the door keeper.  Men need to have control of what is in the home.  Robbers had crept in the temple a little at a time - like pictures, posters, entertainment.  Where is Sarah?  She is in the home. 

Titus 2, it is the responsibility of wives and elders for wife to be the keeper of the home.  She creates the atmosphere of the home and makes it a haven for the family to come home to.  Moses’ parents in Exodus 2 had courage to have a baby - they knew they were working against time.  The ark was to protect from hypothermia.  Keep them on the edge of activities.  Don't offer children on the altar of parental pride.  Slime was like love and the reeds like discipline making a combined balance.  All reeds, would have fallen apart.


How it would be at the end of the world in Luke 17:26.  Jesus sited two things already done.  As the end approached in Noah's day, they ate and drank and married until the flood came.  The picture of a farmer looking down at his field and  sees some grain heads falling off and some still green in another area, but he must make a decision and a judgment call.  Must decide when there is more to lose than to gain.  It is not a happy day for the Lord.  No response anymore is like a funeral day. It likewise was in Lot's day.

There are alternate lifestyles.  In Leviticus 20, they were an abomination in Moses’ day and it is still the same in the New Testament.  Paul said in Romans 1:26.

Things had gotten to a certain level in Lot's day when God chose.  Young will shine as light that is quiet.  You are the salt of the earth.  You are an influence that is so different.


Hymn 227, "Lord, Be Not Silent"      

Hymn 272, "There Hath Not Failed"