Merlin Howlett - Milltown II Convention - Afternoon Meeting, Saturday, August 21, 2004

Hymn 351, “God in Heaven” (2 verses before testimonies, 2 verses afterwards)


Do we understand our calling?  We should.  The borrower is a servant to the lender.  We’re only borrowing this life.  We depend on each other.  The workers depend on us (the saints).  This interdependent fellowship is great for all. 

“Lend to many nations” (but don’t borrow). 

Having our own well (our own water) so we may be able to share it with others.  You can have so much effort, but the cost is nothing.  You can give and keep giving, you’re not going to be afraid of the cost, but you’ll get your water (your treasure / eternal paradise with God). 

A cup of water of Jesus will never lose its eternal reward.  Becoming a lender after you are a borrower is very gratifying. 

Revelations 20:6, it’s the saints that are going to rule and reign with Christ (not the workers).  It excludes the workers so that the workers are free to take this gospel to every corner of the earth.  That’s not possible until after the first resurrection.  We are “joint-heirs” in this kingdom with God.  We’re living today of the day of the Gentiles.  God fulfills His promise in His own time and in His own day. 

Matthew 24 (read), "For when the world might end, what is the sign of His coming?  The Father knows when He is coming."

God wanted to preserve the world by choosing Noah to build the ark.  God said, “Come thou” (into the ark).  The family waited.  “Today’s the day / replenish the earth.”  Noah first built an alter (used animals for a sacrifice).  We must understand what our job is and what God’s job is. We don’t question God’s perfect plan. 

The disciples pointed out the beauty of the temple.  Jesus reminded them there will not be one stone left upon another (it’ll all be flattened).  About 32-37 years later - it was destroyed.  They didn’t leave 2 stones together.  God will know we’re His children with knowing the love we have for each other.  God is here to preserve and keep. 

Thessalonians 4:14, “Those who have died, God will bring with Him.” 

Matthew 24 (at the end of the chapter), caught up in the air to meet with Him.  “The powers of heaven will be shaken.”


Hymn 272, “There Hath Not Failed”