Merlin Howlett - Milltown II Convention - Morning Meeting, Friday, August 20, 2004

Hymn 351, “God in Heaven” (1st part – first 2 verses)




Hymn 351, “God in Heaven” (2nd part – last 2 verses)


Matthew 13, parable of the soils, then parable of the Field – the treasure in the field.  The two parables.  The seed (the word of God) can be sewn in our hearts.  In both of them and teaching of Jesus, we can have 100 fold, 60 fold, and 30 fold.  Never be satisfied if there is more (fold).  So, try to get there (to God) closer than you ever have. 

There is one 1 of 4 kinds of seeds that is fruitful:  1) Wayside soil was never cultivated, so the seed wasn’t sewn (and cannot be sewn);  2) Stony soil, you can’t cultivate a stone.  The roots are unable to grow deep due to the stones.  The stones would have to be removed.  3) Thorny soil, thorns are different.  It’s growing thorns well, but it’s using up the seeds.  Those weeds have to be controlled.  [The grace of God will put seeds into our heart.]  We have to be careful of the thorns (in life).  4) One was a good soil…a 100 fold, 60 fold, and 30 fold.  100% is nothing compared to a 100 fold.  A single fold (1 fold) is 100%.  One fold is another one just like it.  A fold is 100 times more than 100%.  100 fold means 10,000%.  Anything that God helps us with is better than anything, but don’t just give 1% or a small percentage.  Go for it, give God your all. 

Jesus spoke of 5 parables that day about soil and seed.  The mustard seed is the Palestine mustard seed.  “The mustard seed is like the kingdom of heaven.”  If you just get it right - you’ll see how small it is and what it will become.  It’s capable to become a shrub.  It changes from a shrub to a tree.  The branches become thick and birds can then hide in the tree for safety.  This parable is not about birds in trees - but those seeds are inside a little pod.  (Merlin had someone picked the pod and broke every pod and counted the average per pod - 3 times for each pod).  It’s so much greater - this kingdom of heaven and the treasure - this way. 

Know the peace in our lives and the joy and comfort of His word and the workers God sent to us.  When “I was a stranger - He took me in.”  Jesus said that with possibility - some 100 fold, 60 fold, or 30 fold.  We’re a part of God’s kingdom.  It’s a glorious calling (to be saints).  You can still pray with sincerity. 

Verse 44, the treasure is hidden in a field.  You cannot buy the treasure, but you can buy the field - as long as there is seed to be put back into that field.  There will be plenty of seed already, but you still have to work at it.  You can’t exhaust the field as long as you have a handful of seed.  We’re responsible on how much we share in this field.  (Eight parables in all.)


Hymn 364, “Let Us Consider Jesus”