Merlin Howlett's Experience in Korea, 2008

This is about a tour group of 37 (mostly older, retired people) except for a Grandson that was with his grandparents. The Grandparents were the youngest couple, and had contact with the Truth, and attended a few Gospel meetings. Therefore, a relative asked the Grandparents if they would like to meet the workers in Korea. They said, "Yes." They arrived in Korea on Sunday, and a message was waiting for them to contact the workers on Monday, for they could not meet their flight that day. The connections were made, and the workers took them around to their batch. When they returned to the tour group, they were told by many they had really missed something that day. The Grandparents replied, "No, we didn't; you folks really missed something today." They went on to explain about the workers, their life and mission work. When they finished, the other 34 wanted to have the workers come to talk to them. They would give them 40 minutes of their time, and then they wanted equal time for questions and answers. The Grandparents arranged it with the workers, and it took place the last night for the tour to be in Korea. It only worked out for Merlin to go, and a few minutes after he started to speak, an elderly lady in front started to weep. It was a distraction, and Merlin wondered why. When the time for questions came, this lady asked, "Do you know Tom and Annie Lyness?" Merline replied, "Yes." She said, "It is too long a story to talk now, but go on with the questions and may I talk with you afterwards?" (She had met Tom and Annie in Oregon when she was 16 years old. Her sister professed, and died 6 years later. Their father was a preacher, and opened their kindness to them and let them use the church for Gospel Meetings. The town was not friendly to the workers. When her sister died, and the workers long gone by then, this lady wondered how she would ever meet up with the Truth again. Now it was 7,000 miles or more away, and she was older, but in a few minutes she recognized the spirit and wept. Another person raised their hand and asked,"Do you know Willie Jamieson?" Merlin replied, "Yes." They had heard their relatives talk about him. Another asked, "Do you have some camps (conventions)?" "Yes." He lived next to a farm that had one and had been to it 40 years ago. Over one third of the group associated that 40 minute meeting with contacts of the teachings of Christ they had met or knew about. Others later told these Grandparents their connections with the Truth. These people were from all over the United States.

We were encouraged to make a study about saints, and we wouldn't be discouraged as we saw how God used and worked in their lives.

It surely goes with Isaiah 54:2 "to enlarge, to lengthen, strengthen, and especially to spare not" in our service."