Michael Hassett - Noah

Noah - what did he get for his faith? One hundred years of suffering. Here was a man with a family to raise, farming everything by hand with no machinery. God comes along and says, “You have to build this huge ark.” What a burden. Can you imagine the first day? Got up, went out to the field, and worked awhile. Took his ox and went out and cut down a tree. The next morning he got up and took his hoe, and worked all morning in the sun, worked in the afternoon with his axe trying to make that log into a beam…for a hundred years.

Why did he do it? It was all about the harvest. If I do this, I will save my family. A hundred years of suffering for his faith. None of us have to suffer a hundred years. My friends, let us be willing for whatever it is because it is all about the harvest. Let us learn to thank God for the experiences that help us to think about "Eternity."