Michael Plugge - New Zealand Special Meeting

Hymn 379

Matthew 25:1-13, the five wise and the five "otherwise." Main lesson is watch and be ready.

One day, Jesus is coming, ready or not. His desire that we'll hear, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter in to the joy of the Lord. " Tremendous provision has been made for us. There are two kingdoms of heaven – one on earth and one in heaven. On earth, there's good and bad, wise and foolish, wheat and tares, sheep and goats. In heaven, there will only be the good, the wise, wheat, and sheep.

The work of Satan is at cross purposes with God. God wants to sift out the chaff, but Satan wants to sift out the wheat. The five foolish, at one time, had light and had oil but lost it. We've been asked the question, "Do we have life?" The five foolish were in fellowship with the five wise, but the time came when they'd be left at the door. The experience of being brought TO the door, but not THROUGH the door. So important to have experiences to take us THROUGH the door.

I Kings 9 tells that there was nothing else in the ark save the tables of stone Moses put there.

In Hebrews, it says there was the stone, pot of manna, and Aaron's rod that budded. Did the pot of manna and rod get robbed? The pot of manna represented life. The children of Israel that journeyed thru the desert, like, nothing to feed on, manna was their source of life. When the children of Israel were delivered, it was the high point of their experience, it was downhill from then. They all passed through the Red Sea, and their clothes waxed not old, and all that, they experienced so much. But they never went into the promised land.

Joshua and Caleb partook of the manna, but partook of the hidden manna – fellowship with God. Important that we take heed to make our calling and election sure. How shall we escape if we neglect our salvation?

Sadly, we've seen some who have rejected salvation. Not them, but we could neglect salvation. HOW shall we escape if we neglect salvation? All those who never went into the promised land. Every provision has been made that every one of us would be found ready.

Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto....so, when's the THEN? It's like a little snapshot of when Jesus comes again. How would the God of heaven view us today?

Revelations 2:3, letters to the seven churches. Lukewarm church – "I'll spew you out of my mouth" – spew out of someone's mouth, the most awful thing that could happen in front of us, imagine it. Someone said “I'm envious of Ngaire Woods (her funeral last week) – the power of Satan can't test her any more, flesh can't test her any more." Envious because they've MADE IT.

Here in Matthew 25, it's five. We'd think eight or nine, or even ten?

Jesus never spoke anything randomly – but (as an older worker once said), "ALL the wise will go in and ALL the foolish will stay out."" We all have "default" settings, and we have a tendency to complacency. I hope 5/5 won't be it, but there's this tendency to complacency. I don't know exactly how God sees it when He looks down on His people. Some dead churches – but others sleep walking and sleep talking. We've been told – if someone's sleep walking, don't try and wake them up! It's the same spiritually. Only the God of heaven, by His grace, could wake them up.

Midnight – the end of one day and the beginning of a new day. THIS midnight marked the end of the day of preparation, and the beginning of the day of realisation.

So – these letters to the seven churches are like a "stocktake." A day like today is like a stocktake. Stocktaking nowadays, it's all on computers – keeping a tally. Once a year though, they count everything manually, to compare it with what the computer says. Staff purloining, robberies, mistakes – comparing what they HAVE with what they THOUGHT they had. Quite searching. Some had a name they were living but they were dead. Rich and increased with goods and have no need..........poor, wretched, blind and naked. What a discrepancy. They were thinking that things were going pretty nicely, and not like that at all. Buy of me gold tried in the fire. Ephesians had LEFT their first love. Lukewarm hearts God cannot cherish.

What is the one thing God wants of you and me – our TIME. We can say nice things in meetings, etc, but if we give Him our time or not, He knows how much we love Him.

Boyfriends/Girlfriends – it's not hard to give time if love is there. There's a lot of things will accompany them. I talked to a lady looking forward to her wedding day (she was so excited). Are we? The uppermost thing in our conversation? The time we're looking forward to, being united with our heavenly bridegroom? If not, it's time to look into our lives. May God help us.