New Hampshire Workers' Convention - 2005

The large workers meeting held this week at Milford Convention ground, New Hampshire
Date: 10/15/05 18:25:37

Today just want to send a line to share the wonderful days that we had at our Workers' Convention which was held at Milford, NH Convention grounds this past week. Our Ontario Staff left at 5 a.m. from Dunnville Convention grounds which meant rising at 3 a.m. and breakfast at 4 a.m.!!! Then we travelled by coach through the beautiful scenic route of New York Interstate, Vermont Mountains and to New Hampshire. It meant we could trade off and sit with our fellow workers and visit as we travelled and enjoy wonderful fellowship.

Then we ended up at the grounds by 2:10 p.m. and had the privilege of having tea together with all of the others there, we being a total of 148 workers by now. Our visitors included Barry Barkley, Dale Schultz, Jeff Thayer, Walter Pollock, Paul Boyd, Jim Abbott, Murhl Howland, Charles Thain, Graham Snow, etc.  The sisters were Annagret Schonou, Dawn Charles, and Marilyn Kleffman who has been doctoring. So the supper meal was followed by an evening welcoming meeting where we heard about the leaning posts in India.
The women carry the loads on their heads.  As they walk, they come to the leaning post and put their load on the post for a little while and rest.  Then, they take up their load when they feel rested and walk on again.  We were heartily welcomed by Charles Steffen and Jeff Thayer shared some good help.  Into the dorms, then, we sisters slept in the women's dorms and were about 50 row after row. What a picture to look down the rows and see all those sister workers on their knees, a beautiful picture of where their strength and riches come from.  Like the beggars we see in Africa, they lower themselves to enrich themselves. 

Wednesday was like being in the Intensive Care Unit!! We had 5 meetings:  two in the morning, noon meal, two in afternoon meeting and evening meal and one meeting in the evening. Wonderful to hear of the experiences of fellow workers. There was opportunity for us sitting facing the older brothers to give testimony and have a part in prayer. Then the older ones would speak and exhort us, telling of what has helped them to go on. Graham Snow told us to always pay the full price in the experience as Abraham did.  Charles Steffen told us that Charity never faileth, if you dont know what to do in an experience, always show charity, it never fails. Ron Thomke told us to have a clear message, people are trying to follow us when we speak and try to keep on track and give an easy route to follow. He told us when you in a car and others are following, you don't stop for milk or bread, just keep straight on the track!! We heard that keeping other's vineyards is important but most of all keep your own vineyard. Barry told us the most important person to us is our companion. To think of them and pray for them. Told to keep our possessions to a minimum so that we wouldn't burden ourselves and others.

So Thursday brought us together again for two morning meetings and then we were treated to a lovely stir-fry dinner. The cooks, friends from the area who had volunteered so willingly to help, all stood at the front of the dining hall and sang to us, "FORGET THEM NOT THE FAITHFUL BAND WHO KINDRED LEAVE BEHIND."  There was hardly a dry eye in the place.

Then a lot of goodbyes as we headed for the coach and our driver was overwhelmed, too, by the things he saw and felt. As we pulled out from the grounds, our busload all sang in unison, "COME BROTHERS ON AND FORWARD!!!"  We made good time as we returned.  The friends had sent boxes of sandwiches and fruit and goodies for us so we munched and visited.  This time we had Bill Bryant and David Lane extra with us. We were pleased to arrive at Dunnville by 9:30 p.m. Thursday evening and, after a quick snack, headed to our beds.

Friday morning after our breakfast and a photo, we helped do laundry and cleaning up and off to our respective fields. There seems to be a real afterglow in our hearts and it means so much to us!!!

Will be in touch again later but wanted to share this with you....
Your sister,
Dorothy Bax (Ontario)