Morris Grovum

Genesis 3.9, the Lord asked Adam and Eve a question, "Where are you?"  This is a good question and that is what God is asking of us today, "Where am I?"  We know that we are all in this schoolroom but this was not the question God was asking Adam but, "Where are you with respect to My will?" 

We see the setting that Adam was in, verses 2.8. Eden means delight, God created this world for His pleasure.  God planted a garden eastwards.  We all know that the sun comes up in the east.  God created in this world something that was in His mind first.  This garden was the first thing on God's mind and that is where God placed the man, Adam.  We are in this garden today, in this garden 
God planted some trees.  Out of the ground, God made every plant to grow including the tree of life in the midst of the garden.  God then commanded the man, Adam, that he was to freely eat of all the trees in the garden except the one tree in the garden he was not to partake of. 

There was one very important tree in the midst of the garden.  It was the tree of life and there is still this tree in the midst of the garden today, it is Jesus.  Revelations 2.7, "Him that overcometh shall partake of the tree of life."  This is our privilege today in this garden, to partake of the tree of life which is Jesus. 

John 6.57, we can find this tree of life right through the Bible.
Proverbs 8.35, "Whosoever finds Me finds life."  So that is our privilege today, we find ourselves in the word of God, the tree of life.  As we partake of this tree, we are given spiritual life that we never had before and so able to bear fruit for Jesus.