Morris Grovum - MG Copy Letter - January 2007

Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 23:31:12 -0600
From: [Morris Grovum's email address]
Subject: MG Copy Letter - Jan 07

Dear friends and workers, 

I hope there is a big storm raging outside so you have time to relax and take a trip to South East Asia. ----- During the last 6 weeks I have had the pleasure of enjoying a lot of unexplored territory to me. It started with convention in Sabah; I didn't even know where it was on the globe, but found it on the NW corner of the 'big' Island of Borneo. The cv was held here on a rented property in a beautiful spot carved out of the jungle on the side of Mount Kinabula. I'm sure glad we had A.C. in our dorm and in the mtg room or a lot of the joy would have been taken out of it. Many miracles were in attendance including an 80+ year old sister who had been a witch doctor up until about 3 years ago. She is totally separated from that deceitful way of life now. ------ We then flew over the very rich little country of Brueni to Sarawak. In Brueni the people pay no taxes of any kind and all education and health care is free, but it is totally Moslem thus making it nearly impossible for any foreigner to work there unless you are an unskilled and are willing to dig ditches! ------ The first cv in Sarawak was in Binatula on the property of a friend. The Chinese husband of a local, professing lady was there for the first time. This man has become very rich in the forest industry, but more than once he lost his fortune gambling. At the moment he is broke again! The last time he came home and had even lost his car; the wife said let's go down to the tea house; "What tea house?"; 'Just come with me'. While having tea several ladies came to her paying rent! He says, "What's this about?" ' Well, when you gave me money for this and that I invested it in this tea house and a few store properties.' So to the husbands surprise, he didn't have to starve until he got on his financial feet again! It will be interesting to hear the next chapter. ----- The second cv in Sarawak in the city of Kuching was in a friends home. I was surprised that all the freinds knew English and no translation was necessary. Kuching has several monuments of cats, as many years ago the place was over run with rats; bringing in a host of cats saved the day for the city! ----- It was sooooo nice that 30 friends from my adopted homeland were able to attend Singapore cv; 6 from the north and 24 from the south; also 6 of the native workers. Singapore is very careful about who they let into their country. I was at the Budget Airport with others to meet the 6 when they came in. All luggage must go through a scanner before the passengers are allowed to come out into the Arrival Area. It was touching to see the man in charge wave the 6 to by-pass the scanner, when almost all other passengers had to do the scan!! The cv was held in a relatively new Salvation Army complex that was first designed as an Alcoholic Rehap Center, but now is rented out for cv purposes such as ours. It was very comfortable and even had a high speed internet connection for each room! I wrote a while ago about a young lady 30 married to a retired Ballet performer 33 years her senior, who has attended our Fri eve English Bible classes very regularly. When she discovered that we weren't really English teachers, she wanted to attend a gospel meeting and after the first one immediately announced that she likes this and "nothing is going to keep me out of it!" Well, she came with our friends and by Sat eve she couldn't resist telling us that she had her choice settled. She was a very happy camper when she left with the others Monday a.m. ----- Uncle James and I had the privilege of spending a few days with a very nice couple in Singapore before the cv started. Their two teenage girls plus 9 year old Brendan decied last year. It was so wonderful to see the change in attitude of all the children as I had stayed with this family 1 1/2 years ago. On Monday eve they took us to the Night Safari. It is a forested area of about 1 square mile that is all fixed up so that the animals are very much in their natural habitat, but yet separated by fences that are mostly unseen. A quiet, rubber-tired tram takes you on a ride through the forest and it seems that they must feed the animals at the right place at the right time so that they come out under a dim light so they can be seen. There were Hiennas and Tigers and Hippos and Owls and you name it! It was beautiful. ------ Thirty-one workers from 11 nations plus our 6 friends from the north then took a chartered bus from Singapore north into the Penninsula of Malaysia to the next cv at Port Dickson (on the sea) , a 1 1/2 hour drive from Kuala Lumpar, the city renowned for having the highest twin office towers in the world; 83 stories high. I was surprised to see that this land is almost totally covered with the Palm Oil tree, which to Malaysia is like what wheat used to be to SK!

----- Monday was spent in Kuala Lumpar with friends. It was about a 5 hour bus ride from KL to Penang on Tue. We had a chartered bus and the rule here is that every bus MUST have a tour guide on board; so our guide was one of our friends who has this as his job. During the trip he told us a very funny story about how he met his wife and rescued her from his "spider" friend; and then the shock he got when the 2nd child was to arrive and it turned out to be identical twin girls!! They are about 13 now and one of them is professing! 

Penang is an Island state of Malaysia. We are camped right on the ocean beach where the Tsunami hit two years ago. John McQuillan and I just found this modern Internet place that has high speed and BIG flat screen displays; that's a first for me. So that's where I am this Wed afternoon. ----- On Monday I will fly to Singapore, stay there for a day and then fly back to my field. We are so happy to have a new boy starting out in the work in January. He knows how to take the flack. This boy studied computers and is a whiz so he will be a big help to us who are close to being computer illiterate! He used to stay with his RC relatives when he went to university in the city. They beat him when he wouldn't cross himself at meals! Now three of his cousins from that home are professing and one of them started in the work last year. She was Melissa's companion last year. ----- It is plenty hot here, but we have AC in our rooms. The cv place is a RC retreat center; it is much like a hotel; very clean and comfortable. ---- Our cv visitors arrive in early January; then us foreigners go to HK for cv in early Feb.. It will be great to meet the Saskatoon Drummonds there. They will return with Darrel & I for a few weeks. It will be so exciting to take them for a circus ride on the motor-bikes through our streets; and so exciting for them to meet many of our friends and contacts. --- Then I will leave for my home visit to Canada via Japan (plane stops in Tokoyo where they give you 10 hours in a hotel room during the day), L.A. and then Boston where I will stay with with Maurice and Debbie Law for a few days. They have been frequent visitors to our land. Then I will find a way up to Guelph and hope to make it back to SK in time for a late march blizzard! 

We have an instument of ten strings to make harmonious music on; two feet, two hands, two ears, two eyes, one heart and one mouth. I want them all to be in good tune with one another and the main tuning fork, Jesus. One friend listening to such an instument played well said, "the music felt like it was all around him, went through him and was in him!" 

With brotherly love in Christ,