Murhl Howland - Second Speaker at the Funeral Service of Albert Gallichan - Tuscaloosa, Alabama - October 6, 1993

Acts 13:36-37, "For David, after he had served his own generation by the will of God, fell into sleep and was laid unto his fathers and saw corruption; but he, whom God raised again, saw no corruption." The thought of him, a man, serving his own generation by the will of God, was the thought that has been in my mind the last few days.

Albert's death was quite a shocking experience to us and yet we find ourselves appreciating the privilege of sharing at the close of his life in that kind of experience and trying to do the best that man can do for Albert. Even lately I find myself learning to value more the things of greatest value. It seems that we never get to the depths of it. The things that have the most value, we never expect that this kind of experience would be of teachable value to us, that helps to work something in us of God. It is a privilege to have shared a little in this experience. We did not know him very well. We were together in another convention this year.

We think of him listening to the gospel and making the choice to serve God and then making that choice to carry the gospel to others. Then that brought him to the place where God would do the choosing for him and from then on, the choices have been left up to God. I don't know that it would be his choice if he were doing the choosing to come here to try to help us and to finish his life among strangers mostly whom he had barely met before, but that was God's choice. And because of that, I feel that would be his desire, to spend his life. As far as the Lord's people in this part are concerned, we feel we have been enriched. Knowing him has bound us more closely to our sacrifice and to the work in France and other European countries, united in spirit because of a love for God and for this friend and fellowship with others that are sharing in that. Because of that, we share in something that is eternal.

"Whom having not seen, you love, and whom though now you see Him not, you rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of joy." We think of that in connection with Jesus. The reason we can share with others in another country is because of that love for that One that is unseen. It helps us to share together.

Albert spoke to us on Tuesday night after he came, giving us a little of his own testimony and told us a little about the work in France. We appreciated that. Then on Friday morning, he spoke about Abraham, telling us beforehand that he did not have anything that was of special revelation. He mentioned another older brother, after he became aged and not able to do what he once had, said after another spoke, "I want you to know that everything that was said, I am in agreement with." I had that feeling, that with what was being said and the spirit it was said in, I could feel fully in agreement. We feel that we can share in this that our brother brought. One of the particular things he mentioned when he was speaking about Abraham, he mentioned Jesus' words, "Abraham rejoiced to see my day and he saw it and was glad." In French it makes it a little more real: "He quivered with love," with interest and concern, it was something that thrilled his whole being, the thought of seeing the day of Jesus and having a part in it. He was helping us to appreciate the fact we have a part now and eternally in something so great.

Saturday morning, we learned that he was gone. Before the meeting was to start, we wondered what to do next. At the beginning of the meeting we were moved to share the sad news that our brother was gone and we now must carry on. This is our day. Our day will soon be gone and we want to know how to serve in the will of God. We will someday close our eyes as our brother has done. I feel that this kind of death, although traumatic, has had the effect of helping us to see things of most value and it has helped to bring us together with those of other lands. We have learned to love our brother and it has brought a deeper love for this work of God into our lives.