Murray Keene - Third Testimony - Rochedale, Greater Manchester, England Convention - 1978

I Chronicle 4, Jabez's Prayer, "I bore him in sorrow." Sometime ago, the thing that impressed me was, "God granted him his request." Answered prayers in the Scripture - things accomplished in sorrow that are not otherwise.

"I walked a mile with pleasure," she chatted all the way,

But I was none the wiser for all she had to say.

I walked a mile with sorrow – and never a word said she!

But, oh, the lessons that I learned when sorrow waked with me.

Jesus said to His disciples, "You will have sorrow, but your sorrow will be turned to joy."


Psalms 126, bearing precious seed, and weeping - going forth and weeping. Nothing in our own life that causes us to weep. Many a night after one of our brothers had gone out in the work, his pillow would be wet with tears, for he felt he had gone out to do something that he was not capable of doing. A boy said to me, "Are you going to live this life until you die?" I replied, "I hope so, son." There is no gain but by a loss - there is no loss but by a gain, also.

"More honourable than his brothers. Him that honoureth Me, I will honour. 0, that Thou wouldest bless me indeed." Not just blessing with the blessing he had received, but he really wanted the blessing of God to come into his own life. Very concerned about the blessing of God and anxious for it - "Bless me indeed" - intensity behind his prayer. Solomon's prayer answered when he asked for wisdom and a wise and understanding heart. If any lack wisdom, let him ask of God and let him ask in faith. Jabek had the faith to believe that God would give him what he asked for in line with God's will.

"Enlarge my coast" - be more useful than he was before. Some people may feel they have not enough to do. "Paths of usefulness surround us, need on every hand."

Genesis 49, Zebulun - be a haven for ships that had been battered on the sea. He only had a small portion but that gave him an outlook to the whole World. Our hearts can go out to others. Enlargement of our heart, and the enlargement of our coast. Some may have a wrong conception, and think, "Maybe if they had a larger home or car," that is not the way but the giving or ourselves. When invited to anything, ask, "Is this going to help me spiritually?" Become more "Kingdom minded." Show we have a deeper interest in the Kingdom of God. Young people can feel the call to go into the work, and their coasts could be enlarged. Make choices that will help us in the future.

"That Thy hand may be with me." A lot of difference when His hand is with people. The hand of the Lord, the eternal hand, going with and guiding us. When the teacher's hand was on the boy's hand, he could write like the teacher, but when the teacher took her hand away, he wrote like William Webb. "Still learning from all things below, depths of the heart of God." We need the hand of God to lead us through.

"Keep me from evil," that it not grieve me. "Deliver us from evil," evil has so many forms. The enemy wants to surprise us, and the enemy of our souls has been practising that for a long time. It is God's will that we all be together like this. The devil wants to scatter us. It is not the water outside but the water inside that sinks the ship. Don’t let the world into our hearts. The pollution that would pollute our minds and hearts are the most dangerous things. Corrupting things - what effect do they have on our lives? We cannot serve God and mammon. You must be prepared to stand against this which is only world flesh and devil. He will not keep us from the things we deliberately set ourselves into. Give way to things we would not think we would have done.

Jude's epistle - some people missing the mark, people only gratifying the flesh. They have gone in the way of Cain - ended wrong as Cain did. They were not doing exactly as Cain did, but they were going in the way of Cain. He thought God should accept what pleased him, but God had no respect unto his offering. He was wrath and he despised his brother because Abel's offering was accepted. Cain talked to him and slew him. If you have a disagreement, make it right, because his brother's works were righteous and his own works were evil. He that is born of God, sinneth not. If we are really born of God, we do not commit the sin of Cain. Rejoice with those that do rejoice and weep with those that weep. Not one member that works for itself, but for the body, and what our hand does is for the body - it comes back – itself. The members of the body working for one another. Even one member can give us help from our own thoughts that often may be evil. How does evil effect a person? The result and the end of it can only bring grief. Keep alert to the evil that would beset us. “Deliver us from evil.”

Hannah's prayer, her husband and family went up to worship. She really gave of herself. Eli could not understand. Her spirit was right and she had more than one reason to pray. She was not only barren, but conditions were not good around her. She requested a son and her vow to give him back to the Lord, "This is what I prayed for and I will give him back to the Lord as long as he lives."

Elkanah meant, "If you keep him too long, it will be all the harder to give him up." Given to him forever. My own desire today - this is forever. Hannah's claims were relinquished.

Next chapter - a song of thanksgiving and a prayer to God for His greatness. When we pray to God, He gives us the victory. Do we return to give thanks to Him?