Nadine Throgmorton - Carsonville, Michigan - Tuesday Night Meeting, 2007

Glad for the opportunity to be here and have a little part.  I thought of the work from the time I was a little girl.   My twin sister had a hope chest, but I had a suitcase I would use when I was a worker.  When I offered for a foreign field, I didn't want to go to Japan or to the Philippines because I had friends and relatives there, and people might think that was the reason I was asking to go there.  There is a lot of joy laboring in the Philippines. 

Acts 16, this chapter always reminds me of a time when my companion and I went into a new field. We went to help someone, but they didn't want to be helped.  We were having a gospel meeting in a home. A lady came to visit her brother across the road.  I can see her yet standing against the door frame until the meeting was over.  She asked if we went to the villages to teach the Bible.  She said many people were interested there. We went right to her home and asked permission to have gospel meeting.


The man who got the room ready asked lots of good questions, and we got quite a thrill when his wife spoke up and said they had a daughter that was Mormon but they did not want that....they wanted the truth.  She said after we left, "If these ladies are telling the truth about these things, this is just what we are looking for."  The man had everything ready and we started the meetings.  They were there Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Sunday, they didn't go to their church.  That was the end of that for them.  We had no idea where to go, but God did and He just pointed the way.  The lady that invited us came to one meeting was just the bridge that led us to these people.  This man was addicted to tobacco.  It was so hard for him.  He got over it and he was baptized later, and after he went into his room and shut the door and prayed, "Lord, if it's really Your will that I don't smoke, please take away the desire."

Proverbs, four places it mentions wise man.  The wise man will listen and gain knowledge.  A wise man will take instruction and be wiser yet.  Teach a wise man and he will increase in learning.  A wise man is strong.  He can be taught and instructed and corrected and directed.  When he sees things are wrong, he departs from them.


There are 80 plus million people in the Philippines.  We love to hear those that are wise and want to learn and depart from evil and are strong in the faith.