Naomi Kee - Portugal Convention - 2005

Naomi Kee spoke to us of depth, spiritual depth, glad for those who have a deep faith, a deep love, a deep peace, a deep trust in God.  Recently we visited some of our friends who are going through a very difficult time and I realized that depth comes at a great cost.  A depth comes when we accept all of God’s will, when we submit without question.  I would like to have more depth and I pray that God would make me willing to pay the cost. 

I like to think of God’s will like a pathway, a pathway that leads us nearer to God and further away from this world, the pathway that leads to heaven.  God’s will is like a lifetime of experiences, experiences God has planned for each one of us so that we would be ready for eternity.  God knows each one of us, knows what we need, what experiences we need.  It is not what our human nature would choose, but His plan is perfect, God plans every detail in the experience, He plans the timing, it is perfect.  He does not give us too much suffering, not too many tears and there is a depth in accepting His will. 

Abraham when he was 75 years old, God asked him to leave his country, he did not say that he was too old, he accepted God’s will is best and submitted.  Later he took his nephew
Lot with him and later they needed to separate and Lot chose the best land.  Abraham did not say that I am older, it is my right but he just accepted God’s will in this too, submitted each time.  This submission brought a depth to his faith.  Later he could do what his wife had said and God asked Abraham to cast out his son Ishmael, he was sad but he did not question why, he accepted that God’s will is best and he submitted.  This brought about a deeper peace, a deeper faith.  Then came the time when God asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac, the son he loved so much.  It was so against his human nature but Abraham had such a deep trust in God’s plan that he did not say why, he just submitted.  Abraham walked with Isaac 2 days to the place of sacrifice and each step was against his human nature but each step was just submitting his own will knowing that God knows best.  Then on the 3rd day they came to the mount of sacrifice and there God provided the lamb.  I love to think of the deep bond of love between Abraham and His Father above, a deep faith, each time accepting God’s will brought a depth.  I long that God will make me willing to pay the price to have more depth.