Nathan Mccarthy - Third Testimony - Williams, Western Australia Convention - 1986

Hymn 88.

John 15:16, "Ye have not chosen Me but I have chosen you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain." The message that was spoken 2000 years ago on the shores of Galilee is the same message as God's kingdom. Jesus began to preach and say, "Repent for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand." This is the Master's teaching, the message of truth. People saw the kingdom of God in Jesus' life, the spirit of love appealed to them, and they elected to follow and become His disciples. From those disciples, He ordained some to go into the ministry. These were ordained, chosen by the Master. In the world, men are chosen by men, ordained by men, but in God's kingdom, every minister is ordained by the influence of God's spirit and God's love. Men are trained to preach the gospel, and when they complete their course, they are then ordained and they graduate, and become Catholic ministers, or Seventh Day ministers. We have to come to the logical conclusion that a person who is ordained by a particular group has to restrict their teaching to the doctrine of the group they have trained with. But men and women who have been ordained by the Master have been ordained to tell the truth. They are not restricted, they are not confined to what relates to man's thinking, but they are ordained by the Master, and He told them to tell the truth. We don't need to have a great education to tell the truth. They were just to share the love that Jesus had shared with them, and that was their ordination.

Matthew 28:19 gives us the last communication recorded between Jesus and His disciples. "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you, and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world." These men were ordained by the Master to go forth with a message. This was a personal ordination. You tell me everything that I have told you, everything that I have commanded you. We have to confess that in the end, the only thing that matters is what we have received that will remain. Nothing in my life will remain apart from the message of God's love, and His spirit, that is all that will remain. Jesus spoke this message to preachers who were going to bring forth fruit that would remain, by the aid of God's Holy Spirit, "I am with you always." Not in person, but by the aid of the spirit of God, I will be with your ministry. You tell people the truth, and with that will accompany the spirit of God, and your fruit will remain. Nothing else will remain. We read of the man whose barns were full, and this night his soul would be required, and whose shall these things be? All that that man had in his heart was what he had in the barn, all his thinking was what he had in the barn, what he had provided for himself. When the Master comes, he said, "Tonight, not tomorrow night, do we have anything that will remain?" It may be something that we have in the barn, it may be something we have in the garage, in the wardrobe, but what have we in our hearts that will remain? We may have faith in the teachings of Jesus, but that will not remain.

If Jesus was to come for us tonight, I hope it is not tonight, but it is possible, then what do we have that will remain? Whose shall these things be? Mary in Luke 10 was sitting at the feet of the Master, she heard His word, and this would never be taken from her. This was the eternal word. The gospel message of truth, by the aid of the spirit of God, brings from Heaven the only thing that will remain. The apostles were ordained ministers, they were true to their calling. When Christ left the scene, we now read in Acts. When the Master had gone, things were no different; they didn't set to and organise a committee, and say, "We should change things now," but they preached the truth. In the Acts, we read exactly the same message as we read of Jesus speaking on the shores of Galilee. We sometimes hear of people reforming faith. You cannot reform faith, nor can you reform truth. People who heard the message received the spirit of it, and something remained.

In Acts 10, we read of Cornelius, a religious man, who gave alms, who sacrificed, and if you read the whole story, there is nothing referred to in his religious experience of the spirit of God. He was not affected by the spirit. He had a sincere outlook, he was a devout, prayerful man, a sacrificial man, but he had not found the spirit of God. He had nothing in his heart. I could profess to be a Christian and have nothing that is going to remain. In this story, we have an ordained minister going into the home and finding a wonderful congregation. This congregation may be equaled, but it has never been eclipsed. He came into the home and Cornelius said, "We are all present to hear all things that God hath commanded." Here were a people who wanted to hear truth. Many have confidence in man, but are disappointed they have nothing that will remain. This is not something we can get out of a book.

Peter began with what was in the beginning, what was spoken on the shores of Galilee, and that meeting had power in it, and the attitude of the people was such that enabled Peter to tell the truth. In that meeting they said, "We want to hear all things that God hath commanded." While Peter was speaking, they were affected by the spirit of Christ, God's spirit was accompanying the word. This was the promise that Jesus made before He left His disciples, "I will be with you even unto the end of the world." Peter was not a graduate, he lacked the college polish, others said that he was an unlearned and ignorant man, but they took knowledge that they had been with Jesus, and this is the greatest compliment that has ever been given to any person, that they are like their Master. He was true to the commission that he had been given. Jesus could not be in the meeting in person, but Peter represented Jesus. Peter spoke the truth, and those who listened were affected by the spirit of God, they received the spirit, because the ministry was ordained by Jesus Christ, and they received that which shall remain.

Cornelius was willing to make Jesus Lord of all, willing to surrender his life, because he was affected by the spirit of the teaching of Jesus, the only thing that will remain. Cornelius prayed that they would tarry certain days. Here were total strangers, different nationalities, had never seen each other before, but something happened. In the world, friendships are formed because people have common interests - dog racing, motor cars, common ground for a certain level of friendship, but here were total strangers. There had been no time to discuss common ground. When the meeting was finished, they were influenced by God's love and spirit, it performed a miracle. In a selfish world, a loveless world, a cold world, it will never produce a friendship, a fellowship, like this. Cornelius said, "We want you to stay." A bond had been produced between people, and that bond remains. We can receive in this cold old world the warmth of God's love; we want you to stay. This is a bond that was made by God's love, existing between a sacrificial ministry and between those who are born of that love, born of Christ, that bond remains for time and eternity when everything else will go. All natural things that we hope in will cease at the grave, but in young and old hearts a bond is established, who are born of God's love.

Something in your heart and your home that you have received and you could say it is a miracle. We saw this miracle in a home a year ago, a home that was torn by selfishness, destroyed by mean, cold, callous greed. We saw a miracle happen, it was not great preaching, not great personalities, but the love of God coming into that home, and we saw the miracle of God's love that remains, and getting stronger and will remain for all eternity. This is what the gospel offers you and me. "You have not chosen Me but I have chosen you, that whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in My name, He shall give it to you." Sometimes people pray long prayers for rain, then when the rain comes, everyone forgets God, but Jesus is speaking about prayer that is not selfish, but relative to the fruit that will remain. People pray and request from God, and God answers prayers. Cornelius was praying, and he received salvation. His religion had not saved him, but Peter was able to speak words that brought salvation. The message of God's love is the answer to the needs of the world.