Nestor Ferguson - Western Australia Convention - January 1932

Mark 1, Mark's account of the Gospel is the shortest of the four. Jesus called His disciples unto Him and ordained twelve that they should be with Him. Simon Peter - Peter means "a stone," massive and durable and cannot be moved by the wind. A stone is a landmark, a man could take his bearings from this landmark. A stone is made up of many qualities.

James or Jacob, which means "supplanter." Jacob got the victory over the enemy, and the enemy we have to supplant in our own human nature.

John means "grace of God." The root mean­ing of grace is "agreeable." A person who has grace in their heart will be agreeable.

Andrew - "manly," to become a man in the truest sense.

Philip ­"warrior," we need to have a warlike spirit to war against that which is wrong.

Bartholomew - "abounding in furrows," this would speak of labour, God would have us to do our part naturally so that He can do His part spiritually.

Matthew - "gift of God." The most important gift of all to us is God's Son.