Noah was a son of rest; he found grace in the eyes of the Lord; he was the exception. Noah was preserving truth. The situation in this world has been saved by a very few in every age. Noah saved the situation in his day.

Noah's golden target for his whole life was obedience. Noah did not understand, but believed what God said and asked.

Noah took the warning not the risk; he built the ark.     

Noah was not a sailor; he had the wisdom in the God above, took his directions from heaven; he could see the One who was the pilot.                                                   

When Noah lived, he built an ark

While others chose to play:                       

They gave in marriage, bought, and sold;   

He builded day by day: 

He took to heart what God had said   

And when the rains came down,                           

While all without the ark faced death -                           

His kin were safe and sound..................