Noreen Kieve - South Africa Convention - 2006

Things in the heart show themselves in the lips and hands. Herod had words of worship but murder in his heart. Saul had obedience on lips and disobedience in the heart. Judas had kiss on lips and betrayal in heart. Ananias and Saphira had a gift on lips and deceit in heart. An old man was looking at his hands and thinking of all he had done with them! Saul had a javelin in his hand and hatred in heart. He did not deal with hatred and led to great failure. Hatred and envy are Siamese twins and their mother is jealousy. We go to homes and hands open the door, make the beds, feed us because of what they have love in their hearts. Elisha had water of the hands from the heart of respect and love for Elijah to refresh him. Boaz had barley for the poor because of kindness in heart and to preserve life. Jesus smitten and crowned with thorns by hands because of hate and jealousy in the heart. But Jesus with hands that touched the blind, lepers, lame for healing.

Pearls. After collections they are sorted. Firstly, for size and colour. Then for a flaw which it must have, otherwise it is not a genuine pearl. False pearls have no flaw. The flaw is circled by one man, passed on to the next person who drills a hole throw it and then attaches a string through the hole to join to others. Should the string break pearls are lost, trodden under feet or crushed. Let the Love of God keep us joined.

The reward of a penny a day for all laborers whether many hours or one hour. Just eternal life.

Saul ruled the people and fed his own spirit. David ruled his spirit and fed the people.  It is not natural for sheep to follow a shepherd they have to learn it. It is natural for sheep to follow other sheep.

Candles go out quickly when not upright. Upright. Feet, heart, and head in line. Windmills, if not upright, cannot work or stand and soon fall in the direction to which they lean. There is no adverse wind to an upright windmill. Upright people are burden bearers. One small pencil can carry a tremendous load when upright. A man went to the basement of a huge building and saw many pillars bearing the highest building in Vancouver. Unseen. People who are upright bear unseen, great weights.

What shall we do when hope is gone... sow on - sow on - sow on. What does God really require? Obedience... obedience... obedience.

See a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes. We are a small weak body of people wrapped in the Love of God. Open the inner ear... Inner ear controls balance.

What is the greatest need in the world? The Word of God. Not money, jobs. homes. etc. Peter made three major decisions. 1. To serve God. 2. To come into the work. 3. To try after failure. If we only loved perfect people without sin, we would soon find ourselves without ONE friend!!! You have not failed until you failed to try and when you blame others for your faults and excuse yourself. Peter was like a rock. When the chisel hits rock, it either sparks or crumbles or it is formed (shaped). God sees the end result before he Starts. Peter walked on water. Faith. Water like the word of God... His workers and saints "walk on water" on the word of God and have faith in it, which the world does not have. Presumption means to "go ahead of God." Peter had shaking experience when sifted. He needed it.. He would have been handicapped later when telling others what to do if he did not have that experience first. The devil told him after denying... you have committed spiritual suicide; no good to go further, You are only good for fishing. It would be presumption to go out and preach with others... no! Jesus came. Banks give credit when things flourish and no credit when money is tight and short. God gives greatest credit when "funds" (you) are low and poor. "Do you love Me more than these?" He meant the other disciples, not the fish. Asked 3 times to set the record straight. He had denied three times. WE may have crystal clear revelation of the truth but do we love it what we love will overtake what we know and understand love the truth.

We have failed: 1. When we blame others. 2. When we fail to repent 3. When we are not humbled. 4. When we fail to take the help available to us after failure. Get up and grow again.