Norman Frost - Glen Valley Convention, Langley, British Columbia, Canada - July 2000

Where I've lived, there's only a few friends, and all send their love to all over here. In Calcutta — 14 million and only 3 friends. In Delhi — 12 million and one couple, a man and wife — and they send their love and kisses to everyone here — well, I'll pass on the love and leave the rest to you all. They could sit in any of these seats here today — they have the same spirit — the same love.

Revelations 7 speaks of an "innumerable company" — and they and you will make up that number. Angels ­an innumerable company of them, but God can number them though. God calls them "little ones" — His angels. Nice that God has arranged that we be there. Just recently, there was a photo of the workers taken here — and we were told to look our best, and the heights were all arranged, tallest to shortest, and told to smile, (on the count of 3) but we'll come out just as we were — that's how we'll come out. There's lots of pictures in this Bible of ours. I like to look at Genesis 49 where there's a family picture — a father and 12 sons — all in that picture. I like to think there's 5 in the back row, and 4 in the middle row, and 3 in the front.

In Deuteronomy 33 — there they are, all there again — maybe the placings are a little different. I was in the Philippines years ago with Ernest Nelson, and today he's here — he's still here — that's nice. Well — in the final picture, Dan's missing — Revelations 7. I was in a photo once with a group of workers and one was fooling about, and that's how he came out. He was on the side of the picture, and he just cut off the side of the picture where he was, but it spoilt the whole picture. I was visiting a family once, and while I was waiting for the meal the lady of the house gave me a photo album of her daughter — little Shirley Brown — and there she was — all the pictures from baby to 5 years old. Lovely little girl — all the birthday pictures, etc, and there she was. Well — shortly this young girl came into the room, flung her bag in the corner, and threw off her shoes, and asked, "And who are you?" I told her who I was and said, "Come over and talk to Uncle" — and she said, "I'm not going to talk to you" - ah? Her grandma came out and said, "Don't talk to Uncle like that!" and she just replied to her grandma, "You just shut up!" Ah? This is the substance, a rude little girl — the real Shirley Brown.

In Psalms 103, it gives us a picture of the true Shirley Brown — 4 sided. It's a true, ugly picture of all of us — "sins, iniquities, transgressions, and diseases" — that's our picture. But the picture changes. Shirley Brown's book was very nice but the reality was an awful little spitfire. But in Psalms 103, the scene changes. There's 22 pictures here — and they can be enlarged — all pictures of our Father, "who heals our diseases, removes our transgressions, forgives our iniquities, and removes our sins" — ah, that changes the picture- and so now, here we are — no sins, transgressions, iniquities, or diseases. God wants us to be a picture like that.

There's 22 things that are His, in this Psalm. His Name - we have the privilege of bearing His Name. Millions of people here have a religious name but not God's name — we do. God's people. God preparing His people for eternity — some failed, like King Saul. A tragedy — David could have been Saul's best friend. David had the spirit that Jesus had — he didn't hit back. He had his troubles — Psalms 40, he got into difficulties — we get into difficulties, too.

One time, I was watching a little fly — he flew into the milk jug, and his wings got all stuck up and there he was. I fished him out, but he can't fly — and there he is. It was the best of stuff, good cream (I nearly put it in my tea!) but there he is — on the table — flying is his business, but he can't fly. After a while, he's able to buzz his wings a little, not flying yet, but getting there. Then a bit more buzzing — still not flying yet — but then there he is, he's getting going — and after a while he's off and away. Not bogged down in bad things, but in good things. What do we get bogged down in? Good job, nice home — good things - but if we're too busy, we're too busy. Whether it's in the kitchen, at work, or at school — we have the privilege of declaring God's Holy Name.

That last verse 351 — good for all workers (and others). How meek are we workers? I once saw a little girl leading a great big horse along the road, and only a piece of string around his neck — no bridle. "Oh, to be but emptier, lowlier, meek, unnoticed and unknown....." "All that's within me..." we need to be sensitive about our time — using the Master's time.

"Taste and see that the Lord is good..." Sometimes we are touched and there's things we don't want to get rid of. Everything that God arranges for us is good. Like this convention — like sitting in the lap of luxury, ah? This psalm uses the word-ending "eth" — present, progressive tense. "Healeth all thy diseases" a man with a sentence of death on him — a leper.

We've got the sentence of death on us — for sin. Jesus takes our case — well, really, we haven't got a case — we've sinned. When Satan accuses us, Jesus says, "I've paid the penalty."

Psalms 51, David was in the miry clay — God lifted him out. "Crowneth thee with loving kindness." Like the little girl with the thistle in her foot. Goes to mother and first of all, she gives her a candy — that takes care of the crying (can't cry with a mouthful of candy!) and then mother takes out the thorn and it's all fixed. Brother not so sympathetic — called her a sissy (brothers can be like that).

Lack of balance — we need balance. Giving our testimony at convention or giving thanks for the bread and wine (or giving breakfast thanks), we need balance. Some give long thanks like a prayer, and all we need to thank for is the bread, or the wine, and not make giving our testimony a whole life story. There were some boys once who chased a duck (boys do those sorts of things) but the trouble was, it died, and they buried it. Then later on when those same boys got into trouble for something else, one of them was going to own up, and the other one said, "Remember the duck" — it was used as a threat. Maybe we've all got a little "duck" somewhere in the past.

"Youth renewed like the eagle's" — waiting on the Lord — that's not hard, no need to run a mile. "The Lord giveth strength" — He doesn't sell it, He giveth it. So there's 22 pictures - from His Holy Name, to His dominion, in this Psalms 103.

When Jesus suffered, He threatened not. Human nature wants to pay back. Jesus was in full submission to His Father.

A little girl in her testimony one time said she was so naughty that she couldn't talk to God, so she said she "just knelt and waited for God to talk to me."