Norman Frost - Glen Valley Convention, Langley, British Columbia, Canada - July 2000

We sang in that first hymn, "We're trusting..." a kind of a community thing, for everyone, but this hymn is personal, "I am trusting...." It's a nice feeling to know we can trust God for everything. Since coming over here, I've heard thousands of testimonies — none of complaint, or opposing the will of God, none of sufficiency or worthiness. Every testimony makes me feel we're on the journey — we haven't got there yet — but we're on the journey.

I like the epistles of John and Peter — they're nice epistles — still on a journey but we need to continue. In a meeting once, a man said that Psalms, Proverbs and the epistles are for lazy people, but I think they're grazing for God's sheep.

I John 2 — he starts off by saying "My little children...." I like that expression. There's something about little children that appeals to everybody. They're naughty, that's natural, but parents love them just the same.

Chapter 1, "...that which was from the beginning....". Right back then, God planned a people for Himself. The gospel that came, took you right back to the beginning. God has something we can see, and hear, and handle — not dead (like a radio ministry I heard once in a house, and halfway through, the power went off, and cut the fella short, just like that!).

Jesus sent His people out two and two, and Jesus said, "I do always (not sometimes) those things that please the Father." Jesus and the Father, two together. God sends out two people with different minds, feelings, bodies, outlooks, but God puts them together. He expects them to have one mind in two bodies. Travelling in the East one time, and I saw a saying painted on a wall, and stopped to write it down on my hand, for later. It said, "Two Cats, One Bag, No Peace." (An old Chinese Proverb) Cats work on their own, cats work individually. God puts two people together (maybe cats by nature) but He puts them together, to be of the same mind.

John writes of this life — "We've handled it" — it's a living ministry, you can talk to it.

"The life was manifested and We have seen it." "I and the Father are One" — we've seen the Father. One little girl said once (discussing with others their respective fathers), "My father is the bestest father in all the world."

In Psalms 103, we read of the mercy of God that's "from everlasting to everlasting." How far is that? You can't measure that. Verse 4, "that your joy may be full." God arranges conventions, and meetings in our own homes, that we could know the fullness of joy. In Europe at Convention, I met people who were behind the wall in (divided) Germany, and there they were, standing alone, and now, the wall's gone, and they have that fullness of joy at convention.

"My little children" — John uses this expression about 9 times. 2:1,  "writing so you sin not, and if you do, then we have an advocate." Cleanseth us from all sin — not just the major sins, and it's ongoing — cleanseth. Everyone here could say they're a sinner, and death is the penalty. But here we have an advocate. Hebrews — which I like to think is the "gospel according to Paul" and the first word is "God" — it's a gospel that starts at God and He's now at the right hand of God. An advocate that knows the truth. He wants us to tell him the truth then he knows what he's dealing with. Some advocates just shout ­if they have a bad case, shout.

A man once hit a little girl on the road, and he pleaded that the setting sun had been shining in his eyes and he couldn't see her. Well, an advocate for the little girl went to the site, and after a bit of looking about, came back to court and said, "Since when did the sun set in the east, and not in the west?" — a good advocate for her.

Two naughty boys once burnt a farmer's haystack, and then that was fun, so next, they burnt the school. They had all sorts of excuses, an absent father, and (one of them) no father at all, and they were to be sent away to somewhere where they would have strict discipline, but a local farmer became their advocate, and he said he'd give them a home, and take care of them, and discipline them, that he'd take them on. He became their advocate. Our Advocate says, "You demand the death sentence? I've paid it." He became the propitiation for the sins of the whole world.

Those two boys went to live with that man, but they had to learn the laws of that house. There are laws in God's house that we have to abide by.

Verse 2, it's a nice thing to get a letter from God — this is it. A brother mentioned (in his testimony) that the sins from the baptism this morning would, by now, be way out in the Pacific Ocean. God's got better than that — they are in the sea of forgetfulness. [Glen Valley is upriver from Vancouver.]

Verse 13, "'ve known the Father...." He took us just as we are, to be a Father to us.

I do like those verses at the end of II Corinthians 6 (last two verses —quoted) God doesn't want us to be mixed up in any other thought or religion.

Verses 18-19, that's happening in our very day, in our very generations, in our very countries. Those that have gone out — it's a tragedy, but it's there. The only thing that enables us to be with Jesus, is to have His spirit. The spirit that dies to self and lives to God.

Paul preached to the Ephesians, and eight years later, he writes an epistle to them, and there's some amazing things that are there (lying, etc).

Revelations 2, written 40 years later. They are commended — God likes to take notice of everything, but just one thing — You don't love Me as much as you did earlier on. Well, here's these people who have gone out, wanting their own way — children disobedient to parents — that's how we are by nature.

Verse 28, not being ashamed at His coming. There's a saying which says, "No greater torture can be named, than of thyself to be ashamed." God wants His people to be a happy people. Abide — so that we can live with Him forever. It's a good thing to read our hymn books — we have the best one in the world.

3:6, Satan says, "Not possible," but God says we can be, and will be, made perfect. We've got everything going for us.

Verse 18, even just in the little things. At preps one time, one of the men had a broken arm, and couldn't do much, but he had an oil can and was going around oiling all the door hinges and gate hinges around the grounds. Only a little job, but most important - one that just made things run so much better, and it was something he was able to do. Someone passed on a comment made by a man in a wheelchair, "You don't need legs to walk this way of God, but you do need to have a heart." All we need is a little oil can to share with others. Like a man in hospital, sharing his visitors with those who never ever had any visitors.

4:4, there are some great things in the world, but this spirit we have is greater than all the power in the world — it takes us right to God. So we'll win, irrespective of opposition.

5:21, idols. An idol is anything that keeps us from peace, happiness, satisfaction, and contentment.

Co1ossians 1:22, able to present us unblamable — God says, "I can do it. Don't you move away, continue on to perfection."

Hebrews 1, this way of God comes from Jesus to us, and He's our advocate all the way.

6:1-3, going on to perfection.

12:1-3, like running a race — start right, continue right, finish right. We can do that. Laying aside all the weights and things, so we may win. I like to think about winners. Before David went to meet Goliath, he gathered five stones from the same brook we gather from, same river of God.

Genesis 1 (first chapter in the Bible) speaks of the river of God, and the last chapter in the Bible speaks of the river of God. Those stones David chose — maybe Able, Noah, Enoch (for starters) — but David only needed one.

Thinking about Goliath, the opposition. I lived near a sports stadium once and Johnny Sutherland was doing wood chopping, and in a competition, he had an 18 inch log to cut. His opposition used to brag that he shaved his face with his axe. There was a bunch of Irishmen there, cheering for Johnny, and they just shouted for him, and shouted for him, and shouted the opposition out, and he got the cup.

Then there was the boxer who lost every round, except the last one. We can do it, we really can. We can have a little bag of stones to go along with us, and we can have Jesus.