Gems - Medford, Wisconsin - April 11, 1971

The enemy would like us to fret because we are not capable.  God is not so concerned about ability, but dependability.  We may have temptations but should not have reservations.  (Not willing to go the distance we could go.)


The Lord loads His people down with benefits - the world loads people down with remorse, regret, and sin.


“The many standards earth has set, you left untouched…”  There is a tendency in us to touch the evil and see how it would feel.  Remember, Jesus left these untouched.  This is the safest course.


To truly walk with God means doing His will, having Him as our Light, redeeming the time and being concerned for our brethren.


When faced with a problem of choosing between right and wrong, don't say “maybe” or “perhaps,” but a definite "NO."


To worship is to praise, honor, and adore the God of Heaven.


Are we declaring plainly by our dress, speech, and song that we are seeking another country?