Paul Sharp - "Out of..."

Out of the shame of my coward heart,
Out of my night of defeat;
Lift me again to the battle, O Lord,
Cover my bitter retreat.
Out of despising my weakness and rout,
Out of thy love for the soul,
Purge me - Oh, purge me with hyssop, dear Lord,
Grant me my spirit made whole.

Beaten, but not defeated, O Lord,
Thou, the all powerful hand,
Reach me my poor broken sabre again,
I pledge me to die or to stand.
By the wonder of heaven's forgiveness,
By the lovely lure of the light,
By the Spirit of victory eternal,
God, fling me again to the fight.
Someone taught me this long ago. I think it has been of some help to me. I hope it will mean something to you. (Paul Sharp)