Philippines - November 10, 2013

Dear Sue,

Yes, the typhoon was devastating in the Visayan Islands or central part of Philippines. We, on the island of Mindanao, only experienced hard rains for three days so some flooding, etc. but nothing serious. But, the islands of Samar, Leyte, Bohol, Cebu, Iloilo and some smaller ones were badly devastated.

We have heard from both pair of workers on island of Leyte and the sisters in N. Leyte are without electricity, phone service, water but their bach wasn't devastated, only the porch. They worry about friends in other parts of the field but can't get to them yet as roads impassable with fallen trees, poles, etc.

The one family in the town where the bach is lost their room and broken windows, etc. In South Leyte, it wasn't quite as bad but one of our widow ladies' home was devastated. No news also from other parts of their field.

The sisters on Panay or Iloilo are fine and not so much damage there. Sisters on Cebu are fine but no word yet of friends. We are anxious for Eva to arrive in Cebu later today with news of our friends on Bohol. Bohol is where so much damage by the earthquake 3 weeks ago and now the typhoon also passed their way.

Thanks for your interest and concern and hope to write more at a later time when workers have been able to travel to visit our friends. Most places have no phone service.

Your sister,