Philippines - November 11, 2013 10:26 a.m.

News from North Leyte:

Dear Jim and all,

I sent a text to some yesterday but seems there was a problem reading it. Anyway, I'm at an internet café now so can send an e-mail.

Cecelia called at 2 p.m. yesterday. They were at Busloton. They can't get to other friends in the field as roads impassable because of trees and posts. But they went to Busloton by boat and all the friends there have damage to their homes. There was one spot where she could get phone signal.

At Isabel, where the bach is, they have no electricity, signal or water but the bach survived with a little damage to the porch. Emie's home has major damage with broken windows, roof gone, etc. She said to let all know they are fine but are worried about their friends in other parts as they haven't been able to contact them.

The sea was very big waves because of strong wind so no doubt Renante's home beside the sea at Naungan is gone but we hope they took warning and evacuated. Tacloban and Ormoc are also devastated. Both Gaisanos (department stores) in Ormoc had lots of damage.

No word yet from Mama Puring at Palo. So, we think of them and feel so helpless as we would like to help in some way.

We are fine here. Just had strong rain for 3 days but no wind. Today is bright sunshine.

Thanks for forwarding this,