Poem - The Tabernacle - Bakersfield - 1938

The Tabernacle of the Ancient way

Can in God’s family be found today,

And every part and portion we can see,

God joins together in true unity.


Within Thy tabernacle now, O Lord,

May we, as “Boards” according to Thy word

Made to the plan and pattern Thou hast given,

Be fitly framed together as in Heaven.


May we in “silver sockets” now be bound

Our feet sure rooted on Redemption’s ground,

And may the “bar” as graces ever be

Supports to keep in true unity.


With “lowliness and meekness,” may we now

To Thee, O Lord, and one another bow,

And may “longsuffering and forbearance” free

Without our lives now manifested be.


Give us, O Lord, that priceless, dear release

Of unity within “the bond of peace”

And grant, Lord, as in weakness we adore,

The blessing, even life, for evermore.


May we as “boards” within Thy house be found,

Our feet sure rooted on Redemption ground

And the five “bars” as graces ever be

Supporting Thine in blessed unity.



*  A young girl about 15 years old heard Jack Carroll speak about the Tabernacle.  Next morning, she handed him these verses which she had composed.