"Your way is so different;
Your way is so strange."
How often I want to tell them,
"Jesus was the same."

An outcast in His own land,
A foreigner among the throng,
Only God had the strength
To keep Him so strong.

Alone in the world,
One thought never left His mind,
"It is for the people of this world
I must live and die."

The day arose, the hour was near,
Twice the cock crew,
Thrice Peter's denial appeared
With disciples unfaithful.

With governments untrue,
He wore the crown of thorns
For me and for you,
Now together in sweet fellowship.

We ask forgiveness for all we do,
Bowing our heads praying
For ourselves, each other,
And all of you.

There's no big, fancy churches,
No tithing plate of gold;
Just our black leather Bibles
And Hymns of New and Old.

Raising our voice in chorus,
We sing all as one,
Waiting, watching, praying,
For that final day to come.

For our workers, we are blessed
As in the harvest field they go,
Sharing the gospel story
For all willing to know.
Asking so little, giving so much,
It shows us the Spirit of Jesus.

It teaches us to love:
To love what is different,
To love what is strange,
To love to be like Jesus -
One in the same.