Prayer - Olympia, Washington Convention - 1976

I have a fear in standing in a place like this of being guilty of saying words that are not backed by my life. For that reason, I very seldom speak about prayer. I appreciate those who have the background of a living that enables them to do so, things that have been shared in this Convention. Can you forgive me if I speak what is upon my heart? I would like to tell you the reasons why I pray and what it means to me. There are four main reasons why I pray. When I was growing up, I often heard the importance of having a good breakfast. I thought it was someone else's opinion or idea.

Now when I get up in the morning, it is not very long before I want to have something to eat or I don't have strength. I pray in the morning, not because it is someone else's idea or opinion, because it is a vital and good thing to do, because I need to. If I do not, I don't have the strength I need for the day. The way into the presence of God has been opened to me by the Blood of Christ. I need to pray in the morning or I do not have strength for the day. I have not passed this way before and it is not in me to direct my own steps aright.

Another reason is because I need guidance. Some people thrive on excitement, but for myself, I need quietness. I am thankful for the quiet place of prayer. Hymn 147, "In the quiet of Thy presence, fit us for the fray." I find in the service of God, I can find the quietness I need to fit me for the fray when I seek the face of God, because I need quietness sometimes where there is upset. Just what would it accomplish? I could say very much and not receive a special message from my Father. But I feel God helps fit me to cope with daily living.

Another reason is because I have so many questions and my Father has all the answers. When I was a little girl, my mother said, "People born in March ask so many questions." I am sure I wearied her with my questions but I was glad we had parents that were approachable and could answer our questions. We read our Bibles and didn't understand and were interested and looked up everything we could find. James 1:5, "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not and it shall be given him." Thankful I have that wonderful Father I can come to with my questions and that He doesn't tire of my coming or chasten me for not knowing, but He has all the answers. Thankful through the Blood of Christ, I can come to my Father and He has all the answers. We have in our field a lady who lives alone and does not have very much fellowship. I love to go there because she has an appetite for the things of God and loves to have fellowship - enjoys talking about the precious things of God. She began to set things around the house in order and wash up things, like my house clean at night. I cannot rest unless my house is clean at night. One night, I tried to rest when my house wasn't clean. I'm glad I have a Father who will not give me rest unless my house is dean.

We need to search our hearts so that our hearts can be clean as we partake of the emblems; every night, setting in order the little things that have become unclean and out of place. Thankful I have a Father who will not give me rest unless my house is clean. One night, for some reason, I had an important letter to write and when my companion was ready for bed, she switched out the light, there was I proceeded to get ready for bed and prayed through a form of prayer. When I got in my bed, there was resentment in me that everything was not right. I turned my back and faced the wall and said nothing. Glad I have a Father who will not give me rest unless my house is clean. I turned over, put my arm around her and asked her forgiveness for my thoughtlessness in looking after my own interests. I am thankful my God will not give me rest unless my house is clean at night. I pray because I need strength for the day, because I have so many questions and my Father has all the answers; because I need guidance for the fray; because I like my house clean and my Father doesn't give me rest unless my house is clean at night. I am thankful for the avenue of prayer through Christ.