Pre-1951 Hymnbook

21. We wait His Coming.


Har. By E. W. M.


When Christ parted with His loved ones, Words of comfort He did say;

Do not let your hearts be troubled, We shall meet some other day.

In my Father’s Heav’nly Kingdom, There’s a home for you and Me,

And I’m going on before you, To prepare a place for thee.



Jesus promis’d when He left them That He would come back again,

And on earth we wait His coming, Prince of peace o’er all to reign.



His great promise grows more precious To his faithful ones each day,

As black clouds of trouble gather, Sorrow o’er this world holds sway.

And tho’ tests are growing greater, Still much suff’ring yet to face,

This that cheers “Christ soon is coming” As we run the heav’nly race.


3. Never let our hands grow weary Let us daily watch and pray,

Do not fret about the morrow, Let us do our best today.

Faithful to the trust He left us, Bear the cross, the shame, the pain,

Glorious then shall be the meeting, When the Lord comes back to reign.


22. No Room for Jesus.


--- [Tune to "Hold fast, hold fast to what thou hast attained."]


1. He left a royal throne, His Father's will obeyed,

He came in love unto His own -- His own that He had made;

The world He came to cheer, and for its sin atone,

Refused His loving words to hear, or own Him as its own.



Alone, no room for Jesus here below,

In palace or in cot;

Alone, He came unto His own, but oh,

His own receiv'd Him not.



Scarce room for Him on earth, A humble cave alone,

Upon His own, His own green earth, its Maker is unknown;

The foxes have their lair, the birds their leafy nest,

But He, the Saviour, has not where His weary head to rest.



He walked the earth alone to dark Gethsemane,

Forsaken by His loved and own, He went to Calvary;

Alone, alone, alone, in Bethlehem a cave,

In death not e'en a tomb His own, He fills another's grave.


23. --- To foregoing Tune.



1. How short this passing live,

For us 'twill soon be o'er;

Its pleasures quickly fade away,

Returning nevermore.

We journey ever on,

We cannot halt or stay,

What shall our sentence be from God,

On that decisive day?


Chorus:  Will you now make your choice to

Follow Him?

For Jesus is the way;

His love will fill your heart, and you

will be

His own Eternally,


2. So dark and desolate,

I wandered weary years,

And knowing not God's plan for me,

My heart oft filled with fears;

Till o'er my path there came

God's messenger who bore

Those words of life that Jesus spoke,

So many years before.


3. The darkness passed away,

The Light of Life has come;

In Jesus now I see my way,

With Him I follow on:

Mine eyes are turned to Him,

Like Him I long to be,

Who gave His life a sacrifice

To save and set me free.


24. To foregoing Tune.

1. Hold fast thy confidence,

Lay not thine armour down;



25. Speak Lord!

1. Speak Lord, in Thy stillness,



26. O, Give me Rest from Self.


27. I Worship Thee.


28. Moments of Blessing.


29. To above Tune.


1. Weighed in the balance, and wanting!

Judged by the Man crucified!

Hushed is the voice of thy boasting,

"Finished," the kingdom of pride.


Chorus:  Weighed in the balance, and wanting,

Weighed, every hope is now past;

Jesus, as Saviour, rejected,

"Wanting," the verdict at last.


2. Weighed in the balance, and wanting,

Worthless thy righteousness all;

Build on the sand thy profession,

See how they totter and fall.


3. Weighed in the balance, and wanting,

Cankered thy silver and gold;

Wealth can provide thee no ransom,

Shut is the door of the fold.


4. Weighed in the balance, and wanting,

Missed is the bright heavenly goal;

What shall the worldly gain profit,

Losing for ever thy soul?


30. We are Fading.

31. Just Cling.

32. Abundant Life.

33. O Sinners, come to Jesus.

34. How Real to Know.

35. See the Saviour in Compassion.

36. Your Days are but a Shadow.


Har. By J. M'W. Bonnar.


Chorus to “Lord! We Love Thy Habitation” (no. 65)

On the faithful of the land, Keep our eyes that we may stand, Help us think the thoughts that keep our hearts aflame; Then our lives one round of praises, Seal’s and guided by Thy hand, Will show forth Thy life and glorify Thy name.


Hymn 95: My Heart is Glad

Tune by J. Lincoln Hall.


My hear is glad in Christ today,

For God is now my Friend;

Jesus has put my sins away,

I’ll serve Him to the end.

I know that many will oppose,

And few will take my side,

But God can scatter all my foes,

As I in Christ abide.



My heart is glad today,

For I have seen the way,

And by God’s grace I’ll walk therein,

No matter what men say.


My heart is glad in Christ today,

Although I bear the cross;

Suff’ring with Christ brings lasting joy,

And earthly gain brings loss;

So now I look on things unseen,

And run the heav’nly race,

And tho’ my outward man may fail,

I’ll triumph by God’s grace.


My heart is glad in Christ today,

He’s coming back again,

And on this very earth a King,

For a thousand years He’ll reign;

His victor saints and servants true,

Who shared His suff’rings here,

Shall have their sorrow turn’d to joy,

And with Him shall appear.


119 to above tune (Lead me on.)


Hast thou ever proved the sweetness

Of the lowly Jesus way?

Or has Satan kept thee burdened,

Drifting on from day to day?


3. Oh, how sweet to know His pathway.


129 (EC) (Our God our Father)

verse 5:  For me to live then be it Christ,

If so, to die is gain;

Suffering with Jesus here below,

I’ll with Him reign.



135 (tune: Come ye yourselves apart)


Constrained by love, this motive power controlled

The life of Paul, as he with gladness told

Of Christ, whose mercy dealt with him so long

When blind, and bound in ties so fast and strong.


He travels on a wanderer for Christ’s sake,

And in His name he calls the dead to wake.

Some hearts rejoice as life becomes so new

In knowing Jesus—though ‘tis but the few.


Constrained by love he labours on through years

Of hardest toil, and shedding bitterest tears—

He fainteth not, nor turns away his face,

But hopeth on, through God’s abiding grace.


He sees the prize, and taking heart goes on

To follow Him, who once the victory won

Through pain and death, at hands of cruel foes

He shrinketh not, but knows that Christ arose.


141 God has His best things. (WINCHESTER OLD.)—C.M.              ESTE’s PSALTER


God has His best things for the few

That dare to stand the test;

God has His second choice for those

Who will not have His best.


It is not always open ill

That risks the Promised Rest;

The better, often is the foe

That keeps us from the best.


There’s scarcely one but vaguely wants

In some way to be blest;

‘Tis not a blessing, Lord, I seek—

I want Thy very best.


And others make the highest choice,

But when by trials pressed:

They shrink, they yield, they shun the cross

And so they lose the best.


I want in this short life of mine,

As much as can be pressed;

Of service true for God and man

Help me to be my best.


142 How Few are Entering In. (ST. AUGUSTINE—S.M.)              L. MASON.


How few are ent’ring in,

So many turn away.

Despising God, His boundless grace;

And wasting life’s short day.


How few are ent’ring in:

O come, we would implore,

How sad if you should stand and knock

When God has shut the door.


How few are ent’ring in!

Will you reject His love,

His only way, His truth and life,

Reveal’d from heav’n above?


Will you not enter in?

Hark! Hear the Master say:

“I am the door, O enter now,

There is no other way.”


173 Lord We are Met Together “AURELIA” S. S. WESLEY


verse 4:  For Thou wilt walk beside us though fierce the heat may be,

‘Twill but consume the bindings and give more liberty.

Thus perfected through suff’rings, we soon shall see  Thy face,

And reign with Thee in triumph o’er all the human race.


232. Jesus our Example


Jesus suffered and has shown me how to suffer, and I know

That He leads me to the city, where but over-comers go.

And He overcame to show me, how to overcome and share,

In the glory of His kingdom, with the victors over there.



Yes He suffer’d and has shown me, how to suffer day by day.

And to share in His rejection, As I walk the living way.

God has called me to the fellowship of His beloved Son,

Of His suff’ring and His sorrows and with Him I’ll overcome.


He has borne the cross to show me, how to bear it patiently,

Right across the will of nature. There’s no other way for me.

There’s a place where the exchangers, will give me a crown instead,

I shall not be disappointed, if I follow as I’m led.


There’s a sign of self-denial, hanging o’er me in the way,

That my Leader left to guide me, lest that I should go astray:

Hatred is the deep inscription, on the faces of the foe;

Which reminds me how He told me, I’d be hated as I go.


256 While your Mind is Calm


verse 3, last line: Oh, what bliss to be a Christian!


257: “Conformity.”


288 O Jesus, Thou art Standing.

Verse 1, last 4 lines:

Some take the name of Christian!

Christ’s likeness never beat:

They hear the call of Jesus,

Yet keep Him standing there.


297 Companionship (HAMOTION—S.M.)


No distant Lord have I,

Loving afar to be:

Made flesh for me, He cannot rest

Until He rests in me.


Brother in joy and pain,

Bone of my bone was He;

Now—intimacy closer still

He lives and dwells in me.

I need not journey far

This dearest Friend to see;

Companionship is always mine

He make His home with me.


I envy not the twelve,

Nearer to me is He;

The life He once lived here on earth,

He lives again in me.


306 Footprints of my Saviour

“sing and pleasure;” last line of chorus “Thy dear bleeding feet”

verse 3:  Blessed footprints of my Saviour

Faith can trace o’er desert wild,

Thro’ the sunless vale of seeping

Jesus leads His ev’ry child


307. In Tender Compassion


In tender compassion to prove God’s deep love,

The Christ, our Redeemer, came down from above;

On earth, by His life here, a pattern He gave;

And then for our sake fac’d the cross and the grave.



Just stop and consider, my friend, now I pray,

And let in the Master without more delay;

This choice will for ever destroy all death’s sting,

And into your life peace and joy will now bring.


The ways of mankind that appear to be right,

All end in the darkness of sin’s blackest night;

You need the true Shepherd to guide you aright,

And help you by faith to fight the good fight.


Tho’ seemingly lonely, God’s only true way,

Leads on to the kingdom of heavenly day;

His Spirit will teach you each step you must take

In following Jesus, who died for your sake.


As Jesus now knocks at the door of your heart,

Oh, open to Him, lest in grief He depart,

And leave you to mourn to the end of your days,

The step you now take at the parting of ways.


309 God Sent His Well-beloved Son.

Verse 2:  What depth of pity mov’d His heart

For sinners dead in sin,

That they through Him might grace receive,

And have His life within.

The path to Calvary He trod,

That we might know the love of God.


Verse 4:  He pleads that sinners now might live,

The mighty work is done;

By His own blood the world redeemed;

Eternal glory won.

Yet few will heed the Gospel call,

And own the Saviour, Lord of all.


317 There can come no Greater Saviour.

J. MARTIN                            H. L. GILMOUR


There can come no greater Saviour seeking you than Christ the Lord,

High His Name above all others, first and last upon record;

He is calling, rise and follow, the chief Shepherd leads the way,

He’ll respect your call tomorrow, if you answer His today.



There can come no greater Saviour, Let Him save you while you may,

Nor a clearer Judge tomorrow, Than the Saviour of today.


Jesus gave His life a ransom, for your sake despising shame,

Has your tribute of cold water ever glorified His Name?

He who dwells in highest heaven at your earthly house would stay,

To make you His guest tomorrow, He must needs by your today.


Gladly with His Father’s judgment up in heaven He agreed,

And on earth to pow’rs of darkness did submit your cause to plead;

Unto death became obedient for your trespasses to pay,

Judge and Saviour meet tomorrow, wisely make your choice today.


319 As humbly we prepare (EC)

Verse 3:  Upheld to scorn and shame, as darkness filled the sky;

‘Oh, Father, why forsakes Me’? How bitter was His cry.

Verse 6:  Oh, Lord, receive us now, Christ’s blood-bought ones are we,

As lowly at Thy feet we bow, in deep humility.

CHORUS: …in it Thy life we see;….Thy blood was shed for me.”


331. Fellowship [EC] 2nd last line (verse 6) in Thy service free is original


333. God is anxious now to make you


335. He’s Pleading with you. Verse 2

As you think upon  God’s pathway, What ‘twould mean the journey thro,’

Does your heart then greatly trouble, With the thought, could I keep true?


338 My Saviour bids me Sing His Praise

last line of chorus: “With all the raptur’d saints above,…”


341. Careless Soul

Chorus:  O how great His tender love,

O how boundless, strong and deep,

Dying for His lambs and sheep.


342. God speaketh Once, yea, Twice. RIMINGTON F. DUCKWORTH

God speaketh once, yea, twice to man

To draw him from his own vain plan,

For his aims fail and hopes all die

Without the counsel of Most High.


All that is vain God seeks to hide,

And brings to view what will abide:

For yet, with all his human skill,

Man comprehendeth not God’s will.


Thus to the earth the Saviour came

That man from death He might reclaim,

And shew him how to please God here

In righteousness and godly fear.


His mercy draws their hearts to Him,

And leads them to renounce all sin;

The work of God all will commend

Who meekly to His will thus bend.


‘Goodwill to men’ God’s heart doth shew;

All who now yield this grace will know

They also share in joys above,

And know Him as ‘The God of Love.’


343 When Christ Comes in.


verse 4.l. 2:  ‘Mental foes will face and scatter, When Christ comes in:’