Privileges - 2007

This is very encouraging to see two Sisters appreciating their privilege and because of their attitude to their privilege the Lord is able to bless them.  We heard last week that it is our attitude towards our privileges that determines whether we receive a blessing or not.  Paul could appreciate tribulations and suffering and it was his attitude towards those things that enabled him to receive Gods blessing in them.  So easy to give in to self pity when these things come upon us, but then we receive no blessing.



Heidi is from S.Africa. Laboured in Holland for many years.


Dear all,

It is high time I sent another general letter - time flies so quickly and Jinjoo and I were saying to each other we can hardly believe we have been together in our special field 5 months already.  Next weekend is our special meeting here in Pitse Fabrika (very north of Kazachstan), the week after in Karaganda/Balkash (middle of the country), and the weekend of the 4th in Almaty (biggest city, right in the south-east, near the Chinese border).  After that just a few months and our year will finish..... depending on where we are to be for convention.  On the other hand it feels like we have been here together for a very long time, like 'home.'  What a miracle that in God's Way, cultural and human differences can be diminished, and it is possible to live in harmony and work in harmony, guided and controlled by the Holy Spirit.   This time here has been very precious to me, and I am so glad for the companionship and fellowship of Jinjoo, my Korean companion.  She has worked in far eastern Russia and also Sakhalin Island already 6 years, and so more used to conditions in these countries.  She has many good memories of her visit to SA and so has been a little exposed to my culture, even so I am learning to eat Korean food and even with chopsticks.... and getting to know some of the Korean staff through her.  These things enrich one's life.

 We have come to love the little flock here, all with their own struggles, hopes, cares... they listen so attentively - even when I battle to put my thoughts into Russian words (and GRAMMAR!!!) - often not so easy for me and not so clear to them, but they have been very kind and caring towards me.  And so I appreciate their love for us and have come to love them too.  Also, there have been some showing new life and also others showing new spiritual growth, so we are grateful for that.  We also have good interest and our Ryma and Peter are taking steps in the right direction.  Everyone in this little village knows us and who we are and why we are here and it is interesting seeing and experiencing some showing the deepest respect and others trying to avoid us.  This country is so big (the ninth biggest country in the world) and we are just 3 pairs of workers here, with so many folks who have not had the opportunity of hearing the Gospel for maybe 60 years or more.  Our area, too, is so big and although we have some contacts (through train journeys) in other parts of our field who have asked us to come a visit, there has not yet been an opportunity to do so.  "Pray ye the Lord of the Harvest...."  The need is so great.  And time is speeding past...

Some have asked how those in Lebanon are, where it was my privilege to be for almost 4 months last year from February to May.  Although no workers have returned there after the Greek convention in August, those there have continued to have their little meetings, continued to seek the Father.  5 of them managed to get out for the Special Meeting in Cypress (in December) and spoke to the workers there that they wanted to be baptized!  After that 2 brothers went to Lebanon for a very short visit and it seems there is more interest than before, but of course, not so safe, and also, no workers free to go there at present.  "Pray ye the Lord of the Harvest..."  (The workers had only been there for less than a year, so this is really something very special).  The Lebanese are gentle, very kind and hospitable people, their culture a lot like the South African culture and I really grew to love them.

Sometimes I ask myself:  what is the best way to be a help to others.  This morning I woke with the thought - If one can encourage others and promote in others a total dependance on God, the Father, and a total submission to the Spirit, that is a great thing.  The only way we can encourage others in the right direction, is to go in the right direction oneself, to have a total dependance on the Father oneself, to totally submit to the Spirit every day oneself....  What a great responsibility, and o! what a GREAT PRIVILEGE.

All the very best in your corner of this great Kingdom.    Strength and courage for the daily battle against self, keep true because the end will be unspeakably precious, sweet and great.    

Your sisters by Grace,
Jinjoo and Heidi