Ralph Carpender - North Hatley, Quebec, Canada Convention - Friday Evening, July 3, 1936

Jesus never forces himself on anyone, but he stands at the door and knocks.  He was invited to the marriage of the King's son.  His mother said, "They have no wine."  They brought Him empty vessels.  That is the only kind of a person Jesus can help and use.  One who is empty and feels their need of Jesus filling their hearts with His presence.  In one place where we were looking for an opening, we were in conversation with a man and he didn’t think their was any need of any more preachers there.  His name was Barrel and he was a full barrel…didn’t feel his need.  When visiting a factory where dishes or vessels were being made, I noticed after the vessels had been finished, some were discarded and I was told the reason that these had cracked when they had been put in the oven was they didn’t have enough sand in the clay.  We need a good deal of sand, or grit, to get along in God’s Way.  Sometime it is just a very small thing that keeps people from getting saved.  If we are willing for a little hard time now, we will have the best at the last.  I tried the world and its religion, but found it just empty. 

Hymn 330