Rex Smith - Four Trees

I want to speak tonight about four different trees: 

Genesis 3:8, Adam and Eve were behind the tree in the garden - in shame.

Nathanael, John 1:48, was under the tree of questioning.

Zacchaeus, Luke 19:2, in the tree of expectation.

The Tree of Calvary - Jesus and His sacrifice there - this has the answer to the other three trees.

God sent Jesus so we may have the answer to all our questions. God was personified in Christ.

Adam and Eve - Satan came to them with the first question in the Bible, "Hath God said?" Satan soon asks us the same question, even yet. He doesn't want to see us fulfilling God's purpose. Adam and Eve heard first the words of Satan. God wants us to cry to Him in our sin. The reason for shame - they had sinned. We are the subject of sin; our only hope is help from God. He desires to give us a new nature and a new spirit.

Satan would like us to be satisfied with a form of worship - an opinion of our own. Satan did not tell them that they could know good from evil, yet not have the power to resist it. Mankind is like this - but God sent Jesus so we may have a nature and a power to overcome. In India, religious teaching produces wonderful knowledge - sacrificing time, and in prayer - but during the week, no change - not a lack of theory, not a lack of brain, but no power. A RELIGION, BUT NO RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD. The  voice of God walking in the garden - where there is a voice of God, there is manifestation. God asked the second question in the Bible, "Where art thou?" They had to acknowledge they were hiding because of sin. We have a nature that takes a downward course. God asked several other questions. "Who told you about your condition? What is this you have done?" These are questions to help us realize our true condition. The greatest destroying power in the world today is not the atomic bomb, not the laser beam - but our own human nature. God wants us to have a nature that we can walk uprightly. Men love darkness rather than light.


John 1:45. Nathanael, under the tree of questioning, asked, "Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?" Nazareth, like some cities today, had a bad name - sin all around - Jesus was bought up in that town - the sinless Son of God. The Hindus, where we labour, are mostly illiterate - but those professing have come out from sin. Jesus knew Nathanael's name, knew his heart, his thoughts. He knows all about us. God has planned for you to be here to night. Does He see you a person without guile - an open hearted person that He can help? Nathanael said "Thou art the Son of God; Thou art the King of Israel." I have found it now ... the only Way of God. If we are behind the tree in shame, Jesus has the answer. If we are under the tree of questioning, Jesus has the answer.


The tree of expectation: Zacchaeus was asking, "What is this all about?" He made an effort to find out. Because he was small of stature, he climbed a tree. Some young people in India have been educated to qualify as doctors, etc., but they leave all - the excellent prospects of making progress in the world, to preach the gospel. "Zacchaeus - make haste and come down." He realized Jesus sees me, knows me, and calls me by name. "You come down." A short man, Zacchaeus, came down. Now he is looking up to Jesus. Jesus enlarged his heart - called him a son of Abraham - brings a change within. It is easy to find a philosophy of religion - cathedrals, collars, candles and crosses, but do we know Jesus in our heart?

Luke 19:6, Zacchaeus received Him joyfully. If it is a drudgery to serve God, we haven't learnt to love Him. We are going to have a declaration in our hearts - "If I have done anything wrong, I want to put it right." We want to have our  expectations realized - a real experience - we want to put our wrongs right.


Acts 15:39, "And we are witness of all things." JESUS IN HIS DYING MOMENTS EXPRESSED WHAT HE WAS TEACHING ALL HIS LIFE, "FATHER, FORGIVE THEM." "Woman behold thy son;" to a disciple - "Behold thy mother." Jesus opens a door that enables us to live in harmony. At that time God was looking away from Jesus, that His word may be fulfilled. "I thirst." What was He thirsting for? Your love and my love. "It is finished," NEVER TO BE CHANGED, ALTERED, ADULTERATED - FINISHED FOR EVER..."Into Thy hands I commend My spirit," Acts 5:30 Does His kindness bring in you repentance - inward change opens the door - pouring out His spirit that we might have salvation. Galatians 2:20.


If we are behind the tree in shame, under the tree of questioning, up the tree of expectation, we find the answer in Jesus.


Galatians 5:25, If we live in the spirit, let us walk in the spirit. It is a struggle. Does a dead man struggle? The fig leaf covering of Adam and Eve didn't satisfy them, and doesn't satisfy God. We have nailed the old nature on Calvary's tree - all the wrong we have in our lives - crucified, that we might know redemption.