Richard Hare Middleton - Why Not I?

Richard Middleton (1922- ) labours in western USA. Hymn 323 was written by him after the funeral of a 20-year-old saint girl who was killed while walking to a gospel meeting in 1970.


Richard HARE Middleton was born on December 19, 1921 and died on October 02, 2006 at the age of 84. This person last resided in Shingle Springs, California in El Dorado County.



Some hearts seem hard … Embittered toward Thy precious word,

And pain that life has brought.


If they resent Thy oversight, Lord, how have I escaped such plight?

I, who am nought!


Some hearts have changed… Their whole affection rearranged.

Changed by a pow’r divine.


If some stern hearts once void of love now show the spirit of the dove,

Why should not mine?


Some hearts rejoice… That God gave them the right of choice,

And wisdom from on high.


If they can joy in serving Thee, and find life filled with melody,

Why should not I?


Some hearts seem brave… In spite of all their flesh would crave,

They never Christ deny.


If they can face each stormy test, Yet faithfully give Thee their best,

Why should not I?


Some hearts seem pure… They keep far from Satan’s lure,

And from defilement free.


If they must face the chast’ning rod in order to be clean,

Oh God, then what of me?


Some hearts oft bleed… From thoughtless word or cruel deed;

As corns of wheat they die.


If they can be misunderstood, Yet give again just what is good,

Why should not I?


Some hearts seem deep… They profit from what makes them weep,

They know their God is nigh.


If they can penetrate through fears beneath the surface cause of tears,

Why should not I?


Some hearts seem great… With outstretched arms to throngs who hate,

They prove Thy love divine.


If burning zeal for souls in need inspires their hearts to sow the seed,

Lord, inflame mine!!!!!


By Richard Hare Middleton 1921 - 2006