Ro-ann Wenham - First Part of First Meeting, Nuriootpa Special - May 10, 2004Meeting -

Choices - When God called to Samuel, Samuel thought at first that it was Eli calling to him, but later he could say, "Speak for thy servant heareth."

We sang in that hymn, "Whisper in loving kindness," and God wants to speak to us, not only to correct us but to show us new steps to take because He wants to work within our lives. In kindness He speaks, but sometimes we don't want to hear.

Last year my companion shared a story with us about her little nephew. His mother called to him but he said, "Aunty Joan, I didn't hear her," and sometimes we are like that when God calls, we just don't want to hear.

Another verse says, "Fill thou my soul with praises," and God is striving with us that this may be the outcome of our Meetings today, but we need to be willing to obey if our soul is to be filled with praises.