Robbin Petersen - Ecuador 2007

Thanks for all your notes, and for keeping in touch.

It is hard to believe that we only have 3 weeks left, and then we are into preps. Antonio still hasn't had his operation. It seems like it is a combination of a slow health system, and him not being too excited about being operated on again. Anyway, on Wednesday, he has another appointment with the doctor, and on it goes. He is holding up, but quite thin after so many times of having to 'flush out the system.'

Things are progressing well with our contacts, and that encourages us. This morning a number of our friends were away, but the gospel meeting was still a good size with about 15 outsiders. There is one lady that about 15 years ago was professing, and very zealous. Then she got offended and quit coming to meetings. Now her children are grown, and she has cataracts and can't read, but she want to be back in fellowship. She has missed so much because of being outside for so long, and now that she wants to come back inside, it is a bigger challenge because of her failing health. God has been very merciful to keep her alive until now, and we pray that she will humble herself to be able to start again.

In Machala, there has been one lady teacher that has been struggling on, but about a month ago, a man that lost his legs due to diabetes because he didn't looking after his diet professed. He loves to see the workers and it cheers him up so much. He is in his 70's, but very clear in his mind and a real joy to visit.

In Cuenca, in a visit with a young couple, he expressed how much God has done for him in the last year or so of the visit from the workers. He was explaining to a relative, "I realized that first God has to change me, and then he changed my relationship with my wife, and now our kids are so much more settled, and things are even going better with our business. But first I had to change." That was a wonderful testimony, and then his wife confirmed the same things from a different slant. No one has professed there yet, but it certainly doesn't seem too far away for some. There is a professing Peruvian young man that has moved there from the jungle to work and it has helped those that are listening to see his love for God's way.

We are studying with a lady in Pedro Carbo that is probably around 50, and dying of cancer. In the last visit, it thrilled our hearts to hear her say that she realizes that she has had nothing. She said, "God has hidden the best until now." We have only studied the first 7 chapters of Matthew, but it seems that the seed has found a ready soil-bed. Mike says that when he calls her, and she recognizes his voice, that she cheers up and so much wants us to go to visit her. We have a visit soon, so better run. But first I will share a little thought that I enjoyed this AM. I was thinking of the need to not be hesitant in making decision regarding battles that we need to fight. If we hesitate to fight with our whole heart against the enemy, we are unstable and God can't depend on us. It seems that God gives us time to prove our faithfulness before He gives us deeper responsibilities. I was noticing that Abraham was called out of Haran at 75 years old, but he didn't have the promised child until he was 100. God wants to see constancy in our conviction of putting the enemy to death, and know that he can depend on us, and then He might use us in a more responsible way.

Lots of love (and warmth :)! Rob