Robert Blair - Ezekiel 37 - Queensland - 1931

What is spoken in Convention must be taken for ourselves and not for someone else. This chapter in Ezekiel tells of a mission worked 3,500 years ago, by Ezekiel. It is recorded in the form of a parable. Ezekiel started by saying, “The hand of the LORD was upon me.” We all need to be under God’s control, otherwise it is very dangerous for us. If travelers see the driver take his hand off the steering wheel in a service car (hired car), they get uneasy. Two hands off means danger of injury to any of the occupants.

While the rod was in Moses’s hands, it could be used for many good purposes. When it was cast down, it twined into a serpent. Peter got taken down after three and a half years by a rebuke he never forgot, “Get thee behind me, Satan.” The only safe place is under the hand of God There is no man who is his own master: either we are under the control of Christ or the serpent. God’s way of using His preachers is by keeping His hands upon them, keeping them humble and, in that way, He has a pull on us. If the right conditions are there, the spirit will be given. We may find speaking for God becomes hard if misbehaving, when the spirit is withdrawn. God promised His Spirit to equip people for carrying out His way.

Ezekiel saw a valley of dry bones. No wonder Jesus mourned when He saw people dead in trespasses and sins. Luke 7 explains why Jesus saw the necessity to use goads on those who professed to do His will. It mentions through the chapter, two types of character: those which appear and those which appear not. The sinner was one which appeared. The Pharisee had a profession but appeared not and was not right with God.

There were two kinds of bones: green and dry signifying the satisfied and the unsatisfied. God cannot help satisfied people. The dry bones represent those who were dissatisfied with self as they appear before God’s eye, “Can these bones live?” Lazarus lived because he obeyed the voice of Jesus.

Ezekiel 37:7, “So I prophesied as I was commanded...” Any way will not do God. The message of God’s servant has five letters: J - E - S - U - S. He is the example for preachers and for Christians in their homes. The message is very powerful and razes whole districts to their foundations. Anything short of Jesus will not do. Repentance means a change of mind, no longer pleasing one’s self. The devil became a devil by taking his own way. Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people, people who please not themselves.

The dry bones lived, stood on their feet, raised from the dead. The time of repentance is more important than the time of one’s birth and if it were missed it would be better not to have been born. Christians experience two resurrections:  one the choice to live for Jesus and the other after the death of the body. The Spirit of one who dies in the Lord goes to be with Christ and the body is left in the grave till the resurrection. At the resurrection the body and spirit unite to be with the Lord. One who is not a Christian figures in one resurrection which is too awful to mention, the resurrection of damnation. That means those who are born in sin, living in sin, dying in sin, and taking part in the resurrection of the unjust.

‘Ezekiel’ means one whom God strengthens because true repentance is found in him. The same message for all is Jesus and we should never tire of hearing of Him. We need to compare ourselves with Him and not with other people and then we will see ourselves as we are. A merciful God does not overlook our frailties and weaknesses so as we confess and forsake our sin, He will cleanse them all away. There is a need for continual cleansing.