Robert Chambers - Creation

Romans 1 speaks of creation. Genesis 1 describes it. There was a question in the minds of the Roman Saints, "What will become of those who have never heard?" They were surrounded by this sort of people and this question Paul answered. The conclusions that he arrived at was that they were without excuse. Romans 1:20, "For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse." In the beginning God has given them the truth, but there are three things Paul says they did. In verse 23, they changed the glory of God. In verse 25, they changed the truth of God. In verse 26 , they changed nature. They did not change creation because they could not. Could they have done so they may have found reason for the sun rising in the west and setting in the east? Creation remained unchanged and its valuable things speak of the invisible things.


Romans 1 speaks of three things in which God speaks. The first is by the gospel. The second is creation. The third is nature. Paul talks about three different kinds of fools. Professing themselves to be wise, then as now, they became fools, Jewish or religious fools, Greeks or wise fools, Barbarian or pagan fools. All mentioned in Romans 1. Their foolish hearts were darkened. How could a person with a foolish heart see? Proverbs 23 says, "Every fool will be meddling." A reprobate mind mentioned in Romans 1:28, is a mind so darkened that it does not know right from wrong. Reprobate silver, Jeremiah 6:30 is silver that would not permit to be refined.


In Genesis 1, creation is described. This account was written by Moses. It was down orally, preserved and cherished by the people of God in those days. They did not have the Bible to read. God gave them something else to read, and they saw unseen things in the things that are seen. God created the world to work in it, and His hope was that the creature would reflect the image of the creator. God created us to work in us. We are His workmanship, only when God has worked in us.


Concealed in the first five verses of Genesis 1 are the first five verses of Ephesians 2. The seven days of creation correspond with the seven days gospel of the Scriptures. As God finished creation in seven days so will God finish recreation's plan for the world in seven days gospel. Genesis 1 was Adam's Bible. Genesis 3 was Adam's New Testament, and there you first read of Christ crucified in the animals the Lord slew. The next place you read of Christ crucified is in Genesis 4:4 and you further read it on Noah's altar, Abraham's altar, and Jacob's altar. Cain refused to give a flesh and blood sacrifice and when this is lacking no other is acceptable.


Job 38:7, when the morning stars sing together and all the Sons of God shouted for joy, the Sons of God were the heavenly host. The joy the angelic creation brought the Lord may have prompted him to make a human creation that they might bring him pleasure. Luke 15:7, joy at the second creation. Luke 2, joy at the first coming. There will be joy at the second coming, but for who? Revelation 1:7 and Matthew 24:30, Paul wrote to the Thessalonians saints in chapter 4 and in the last verse he said, "Comfort one another with these words." In the creation, we read of God's purpose for me, God's purpose for the world. Fourteen times in Genesis 1, God said, "Let," and there was no resistance. Let is the first recorded word God ever spoke.

The first day God moved by His Spirit and said, "Let there be light." He divided the light from the darkness. The second day, God divided the waters. The second day, God divided the waters under the firmament from the waters above. The waters above were the clouds, and this spoke of how He draws men to Himself from a sea of worldliness. The drops drawn from the river leave their mud behind. It is not the water in the Atlantic or Pacific etc, that blesses the thirsty earth but what is drawn from these. This corresponds with how God draws His servants to Himself and then gave them back into the world in blessing as He gives back the raindrops. The third day, God gathered the waters together and the dry land appeared and the earth brought forth fruit.


There can be no fruit brought forth while the earth is submerged and there can be no fruit in any life that is swallowed up in worldliness, until the Lord first quickens us together and raises us up together to sit in heavenly place in Christ, Ephesians 2:6.


The fourth day God created the sun, moon, and stars. The sun is a type of Christ. Malachi 4:2, the moon which reflects the light of the sun on the earth is a type of the church. Ephesians 5:8, once darkness now light in the Lord. The stars are a type of individual child of God, Philippians 2:15, Genesis 15:15, Judges 5:20. There are guiding stars Matthew 2:2. There are fixed stars Philippians 2:15. There are wandering stars Jude 13. Jesus is spoken of as a bright and morning star, Revelations 22:16. The angels are spoken of as morning stars, Job 38:7.


The fifth day God created the animals, fishes and fowls of the sea, and the winged fowls of the earth. This day's work is the hardest to understand but when compared with the fifth gospel it is simple.


The sixth day God created the animals and made man in His own image. Man was made in God's image at the close of the sixth day. The seventh day, God rested. Seeing us in His own image alone brings Him rest, and this is the whole purpose of God's recreation plan.


Sin entered and frustrated the purpose of God, and a disappointed God came down in the cool of the day and talked to Adam. God had talked to Adam before and God had no other purpose than that He should walk and talk with man. God arranged recreation's plan so that it can be read in creation, and His servant's and saints with anointed eyes read invisible things in the visible things of creation. There is a striking parallel between the seven days of creation and the seven Gospel days of Scriptures and our God as Paul terms Him is working out His own wise purpose for the world.

First Gospel Day

Second Gospel Day

Third Gospel Day

Fourth Gospel Day

Fifth Gospel day

Sixth Gospel Day

Seventh Gospel Day

Adam to Abraham.

The call of Abraham to the call of Israel out of Egypt.

The call of Israel out of Egypt to the birth of Christ.

The birth of Christ to His coming again for His saints.

Tribulation period that shall follow the saints being taken away.

The 1000 years that Christ shall reign on the earth.

The little season in which Satan is loosed so that the millennium saints

who have been tried by the world and flesh may be tried by the devil.


First gospel day — As God divided light from darkness the first day, so God's people from Adam to Abraham were a Separate people. In Noah's day, the sons of God had broken down the wall of separation, so the Lord destroyed them with the rest of the world. He did not destroy them because there were few or many, but because they were going astray. There had been abounding sin in the world since Cain's day, but now His own people were going astray. They were failing to read the separation they should in the separation of darkness and light. In Abraham's day, the separation had well nigh disappeared again, so God called Abraham as He wanted to write on His people, not of this world.


Second and Third gospel day — As there was a separation of light from darkness the first day, a separation of the waters from the waters the second day, there was a separation of the dry land from the waters the third day. God's people from Adam to Abraham were a separate people but the calling out of Abraham at the beginning of the second Gospel Day was a greater separation, while the calling out of Israel, out of Egypt at the beginning of the third gospel day was a greater separation still. Never before had God taken a nation out of the midst of a nation, but this could be read in Genesis 1:9-10 when the dry land and the waters were separated.


Revelations 17:15, after the earth was separated from the sea it brought forth herbs, grass, and the fruit trees yielding fruit whose seed is in itself. In Genesis 1:11 is God's natural law of the dying seed. This is visible in John 12:34 you read of God's spiritual law of the dying seed began the third day of creation. The law was added because of transgression of the third gospel day. They transgressed the Lord's commandments so men would change nature's laws where possible.


Fourth gospel day — As on the fourth day God created the sun, moon and stars, so Christ the Son of Righteousness. Malachi 4:2 was given to the world as the beginning of the fourth Gospel day. The moon a type of the New Testament church follows. As the moon is naturally dark so is the church by nature dark. Ephesians 5:8, once darkness, now light in the Lord, because Christ the Sun of Righteousness shines upon it, as the sun shines on the moon. All the light this benighted world can behold is what the church the children of light reflects upon the world. When a part of the moon is hidden from the earth, it is just because the earth has come between the sun and the moon, covering just that part. If the church does not reflect the life of Christ, it is for a similar reason — the world has come between the Church and Christ. This is a sad state for the people of God, but a sadder thing could happen, that of the moon getting between the earth and the sun — an eclipse of the sun would follow. In other words, the moon, which is a type of the church eclipses the sun so the church could hide the light of Christ from the world instead of reflecting it as it did in Noah's day. Noah was a star shining as a light in a dark world in his day. The stars are visible during an eclipse of the sun. God's people were no longer reflecting His glory. When the Lord told Abraham that his seed should be as the stars of heaven for multitude, I don't believe Abraham was flattered, but the fear would possess him that, though they were as the stars for multitude they may fail to shine as stars in a dark world. The workers can be a guiding star, the saints can also share in this. All saints and workers too, should be fixed stars. Philemon 2:15, the north star and the Southern Cross meanmuch to the mariner. Stars become wandering stars when they get from under the control of the sun, so those that get from under the control of the Lord become wandering stars. Jude 13 and what a disappointment they will get who follow them. At the close of the Fourth Gospel day the Lord is coming for His saints. Matthew 24:30 and I Thessalonians 4:16, those left behind like the one in the field, and the one at the mill will not share in the rapture, but will now something is happening because Christ is coming with the voice of the Archangel, with a shout and with the sound of the trumpet. Comfort is the portion then of the child of God, I Thessalonians 4:8. But mourning, Matthew 24:30 and wailing, Revelation 1:7 is the portion of the Christ rejecter.

Fifth gospel day — Saints taken from the world mark the beginning of the fifth Gospel Day — the tribulation period. This shall be Satan's reign proceeding the reign of Christ for a thousand years. The best shall arise and should the one left in the field care to get saved they would be killed, Revelation 13:15. This will keep honest heart from paying the price that so many of the prophets, apostles, and saints so gladly paid. The world, flesh, and devil, are a reign of bold, shameless unblushing sin. Then the man of sin II Thessalonians 2:4 championed by Satan will arise and make his bid for the throne only to be destroyed by Christ's coming.


The fifth Gospel Day is only a type of the world, flesh, and devil rampart during that period. God also on the same day created the winged fowls of the earth, not of the sea. In other words, not of this world, they are the fowls of the earth and can soar above, in it and not of it, in them is prefigured the tribulation saints. These fowls created on the fifth day of creation were not beasts and the tribulation saints shall refuse to have the mark of the beast and will die for the faith of Jesus Christ. If the saints are in the world and of the world they are not saints at all. Get as far from the world's border line as you can.


Sixth gospel day — The beginning of the sixth day of creation was marked by the creation of the animals and God. After Adam was created brought them to Him to see what he would call them. The lion was as tame as the sheep and the bear was as tame as the cow and they lived in perfect harmony. The animals were not made to feed on one another they were to feed with one another, Isaiah 11:6, 9. Men were not created to bite and devour one another, Galatians 5:15, but to admonish one another, Colossians 3:16 and have fellowship in the gospel. The lion shall eat straw as the ox, not the lion shall eat the ox. This is the original purpose of God for the animal creation and He will make it practical the sixth gospel day. Isaiah 11:6, 9, and 17:25, the wolf and the Iamb shall feed together and the Lord's children who are quickened together and raise up together shall sit and feast together on the things of God. At the close of the sixth day, man was created in God's image. Adam, Noah, Enoch, and Abraham had no Bible to read but they read the invisible things in the visible and understood that the purpose of God was to make them in the image of Jesus. The purpose of God was for the world. During the sixth gospel day, the millennium the earth shall be full of knowledge and righteousness shall cover the earth and when Christ has made men in His own image then He will rest.


Seventh gospel day — The seventh gospel day is a day of rest, as the seventh day of creation was. It is the little season. Revelation 20:7 in which Satan is loosed to try the saints who previously during the 1000 years or part of it have been tried by world and flesh. Those saints have been with Christ and beheld His purity and the purity of His doctrine and as the elect of God cannot be deceived, Matthew 24:24. God can rest. At the end of that time, the devil that deceived them, the nations not the elect shall be cast into the lake of fire where the beast and the false prophets are and shall be tormented day and night forever and ever. This is the last thing you read of Satan in the Scriptures. God's purpose for me, Genesis 1, first of all God's purpose is to give us light. We received light before Christ came to dwell in our hearts. God said, "Let there be light," the first day. He created the sun the fourth day to rule the day. Some get light but are not willing to be ruled. The man who saw men as trees walking had light but not fullness of light. Second step, He begins to draw us out to Himself, like the drops of water separated from the sea to the clouds. Third step, a greater separation follows and like the dry land separated from the sea we are no longer submerged and swallowed up in worldliness. It is then fruit begins to appear as at the close of the third day, and that Christ can shine forth in our lives as at the beginning of the fourth day. Then we are in a position to fight the world, flesh, and devil and soar above the earth as the fifth day's creation speaks of. The sixth day is marked by animals tamed and feeding together, a type of human nature under God's control, fulfilling His purpose and finally at the close of the sixth day, we find man in God's image. This alone brings rest to the heart of God and rest to our hearts.


In II Corinthians 12:2, Paul spoke of the third heaven; he had read the creation with anointed eyes and in Genesis 1:8 found the firmament or first heaven described as dividing the waters from the waters, the expansion between the earth and the clouds. Genesis 14:17 speaks of the firmament of the heaven where God placed the sun, moon, and stars, here. Paul read the second heaven between the clouds and the planets. The third heaven is where Jesus sits at God's right hand, Acts 1:11. The word, heavens, in the plural occurs for the first time in Genesis 2:4. Christ who triumphed over the world, flesh, devil, sin, death and the grave and who comes for His saints will come back with His saints for 1000 years and during that time, they will conquer all enemies. I Corinthians 12:26 to the last enemy of the people of God, which is death, this shall be done in that He shall resurrect the dead saints at His appearing and take the saints who are caught up and millennium saints to heaven without dying. As Malachi the last of the prophets prophesied of the sun of righteousness coming to His temple so we may look for the sign of the son of man in these last days. Therefore what manner of persons ought we to be? Are we becoming more Christ like or more worldly? Is rest being brought to the heart of God because He sees more of the image of Christ in us and is thus our Lord's coming hastened? In heaven, the angels sinned so God will create a new heaven. In earth, man sinned so God will create a new earth. In the body of this death, man sinned so God will give us a new body. Thus the Lord destroys not only sin, but the memory of sin in heaven, in earth, and in our bodies.