Rochelle - Madagascar - October 2010

October 22nd – Our 3rd special meeting in Ambatomena ended today. We are still at the Conv grounds, Ambatomena is about 1.30hrs away from here. Beautiful cool weather. We were about 37 gathered in the home of Solofu’s mother including Uncle Raymond, Jaosoa, Bruno, Johary, Solofu, Angeline, Bakoly, YG & I. The little room was packed to capacity, wouldn’t have fitted in anymore. We had just enough room to stand in front. Those of you who have been to Muni’s home in Wikiliya Estate will be able to picture it better. The home was similar in size and we had wooden benches (A.Isobel’s class room style) instead of chairs. We heard about the lamb & sheep nature likened to Cain & Abel. Doesn’t say that Abel cried out neither was his voice heard when he died but God said the ‘voice of Abel’s blood was crying out from the earth.’ The lamb doesn’t struggle to resist death but that doesn’t mean God doesn’t notice or hear it. The price has been paid for each one of us and the one who has paid the price is mindful of us.

Jaosoa was telling us of how the workers first went to this village. Jack & Jaosoa were in another village about 40kms away. They started mtngs but was soon made to feel very unwelcome there, they moved to another village. The same thing happened there also and they ended up coming to Ambatomena. They didn’t have any contacts or any particular reason to come here. The brothers gave out invitation cards for the G.mtngs they were hoping to start. Jaosoa remembers even today how Solofu's mother was out in the garden pounding flour when he handed her the invitation. She came...and now there is a Sunday AM mtng in that home & one of her sons (Solofu) in the work.

Bakoly comes from a neighbouring village about 10kms away from Ambatomena. The Gospel went to her village in 2001 & Bakoly professed in 2002. There was just one other lady, who had professed in that village at the same time. She was quite elderly. Bakoly was 38yrs old. The old lady’s family didn’t care for her and to cut a long story short Bakoly ended up caring for her. In 2003 Bakoly offered for the work but she was not free to start out as there was no one to care for the old Aunty. Last year Solofu’s mother took the old lady into her home so that Bakoly would be free to start out. Now at 46, with just over a year in this great work Bakoly’s joy is contagious. She speaks a word or two of English but that has not hindered us from enjoying her, Angeline is her companion.

I am still enjoying the singing!!! Thanks to those who have made contact.