Saipan Convention Gems - 2012

If I knew the outcome of my prayers before I prayed them, would I still be willing to pray? I don't understand how God works, but, his work IS good AND perfect and I want to trust that.

If I truly desire to see Jesus, He will see me. Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus. As a result, he saw Jesus, Jesus saw him, came, abode in his home AND brought salvation. All because of a desire to see Jesus.

Jesus was not dead when He was hung. He was a LIVING sacrifice, just as the scripture tells us to "present your bodies a living sacrifice." In Leviticus, sacrificial animals were to be brought alive. The dying was to take place AT the altar of sacrifice. God desires a living sacrifice - dying WHILE I am living.

The power that it took for Jesus to stay on the cross was GREATER than any demonstration of power (i.e., calling on legions of angels) that could have brought Jesus down from the cross.

There is always joy when I follow God's choice.

When in doubt, ask myself, "How do I think this choice would make my Heavenly Father feel?"

"It is BETTER to enter into life." What can help me choose not to sin? Because "it is better to enter into life."

Where I have come from does not matter, but where am I going?

Fellowship is a by-product of walking in the light.

Have you ever seen a happy rebel? God doesn't make life hard for the rebellious, they bind themselves.

Foolish choices sometimes lead to irreversible consequences. But even if our past includes choices like that, God can help us to live with them.

We are all crossing the sea of life. And it is the first time for everyone. I only have one opportunity to reach the harbor of destination. I NEED a guide. I know the one who has gone before.

Marked homes during the passover were saved - they were marked by the blood of the lamb outwardly and were feasting on the lamb inwardly.

The mark of the blood of the Lamb can cover any other marks that may have scarred my life in the past.

"I'm very happy and very thankful" - tearful testimony of a lady who professed a few months ago. Her husband has been professing for almost 20 years.

"Just as I am" - this is how we come and it is acceptable, but it is NOT how God wants us to stay.

ALL have been bought by the blood of Jesus, but not all are saved because some are unwilling to be purchased.

The blood of Jesus does not save me. The life of Jesus IN me is what saves. The blood of Jesus erases my past and allows God to give me new life.

Regarding the need for the bread AND the wine: The blood of the Lamb (wine) takes away my sin. The life of Christ (the bread) MUST be IN me for salvation to come.

To be sanctified is to be set aside for a specific purpose. Jesus died to set me apart, but I choose whether I will stay set apart. The blood of Jesus does not keep me sanctified; I choose to stay that way.

The woman of Samaria - Jesus helped to change her understanding of her need. He lifted her eyes to see above the natural water that she had come to draw and to see the living water from Heaven that He could share with her.

"He that endureth unto the end shall be saved."

Eternal victory could just be on the other side of this struggle. Endure.

We know that Noah worked on the ark each day - even if just for a little bit, because one day it was finished. Can I just put forth a little effort each day, investing, building so that one day His work can be finished in me? Endure.

Jesus said, "Nevertheless not My will but Thine" and then the angel came and strengthened Him. I must first acknowledge submission to God's will and then He will send strength to do His will.