Sam Charlton - Almonte Convention, Ontario, Canada - Saturday Morning, July 1953

Nehemiah 8, this was a convention in Nehemiah’s time with fourteen brother Workers on the platform; fifty thousand people standing; meeting started at daylight and continued until noon.  It was at Jerusalem, by the water gate in a place chosen by God, a place that had been a place of testing, victory and blessing to Abraham when offering Isaac. 

God only spoke once to Abraham to get him to obey, but had to speak twice to stop him. 

There was no voice saying, “Stop!” to Jesus as He sacrificed His life. 

There was plenty of water by the water gate.  The people were just back from Babylon, hungry for God’s laws and sure they were tired of Babylon.  David got in trouble by numbering the people and offered a sacrifice in this same spot years before, which God accepted.  It was where David longed to build the temple. 

Abraham, David and Jesus all are mentioned in Matthew l. 

The Feast of Tabernacles is mentioned in 2 Chronicles 7,  Ezra 7-10, and John 7.  It was kept many times between these dates.  Put my thoughts in their minds and write it in their hearts.  John 17. 

Every child of God has the right to prophesy, exhortation and comfort.  They were in Heavenly places because they breathed God’s thoughts in, in the presence of God, and breathed them out in presence of God’s children. 

We don’t always grasp the privilege.  We have “mental reservations” when we say “I think.” 


“Thou must be true thyself,

If thou the truth would teach.

Thou must overflow thyself,

If those a soul would reach.”


This is God’s battleground.  Fight the good fight.  Do business with the Lamb now and we won’t be a afraid of the Lamb when He returns to rule. 

The calling of God is high and upward.  They all came together as one man. 

Also in Acts, at day of Pentecost. 

Deuteronomy 12:11, Deuteronomy 31, God called Adam in the garden, but he was hiding behind an honest occupation. 

Four invitations are mentioned in Luke 14.  Jesus said, “And yet there was room.”  There is always lots of room when things are done as God commands, but a full house when done in man’s way.

1 Corinthians 13, all depends on the motive.  All appeared before the Lord. 

Deuteronomy 32, that they may learn, hear and fear. 

Hebrews 3, with whom was He aggrieved forty years? 

In the last verse of Ezekiel, it says, “And the name of the city from that day shall be “The Lord is there.” 

Look up the different names where Jehovah is mentioned .  Constrain Him to come in like the two disciples did to Jesus.  Many want Him for a Saviour, but not as a King. 

Stand up with God’s measuring line, Nehemiah 8: 8 and 9; 10 and12. 

They sat in verse 27.  Their meditations caused them to rejoice greatly.