Sam Charlton - Iron Bridge Convention, Ontario, Canada - Friday Morning, 1953

Psalm 36:  The Lord found David’s heart in harmony with His.  It takes a lot of tuning to get our hearts in tune and not promote discord.  Adjust the heart strings to God’s music.  David had an instrument of ten strings.  We have five natural senses duplicated in Spiritual things.  God expects the echo of His own voice from our lips and is very disappointed when He doesn’t hear it.  He is often disappointed, but never discouraged as in Noah’s, Abraham’s and Jesus’ time. 

Ten things in first four verses that represent iniquity.  David analyzed them.  There is no fear of God before their eyes!  Ten thousand tons of books made out of the 26 letters of the alphabet.  “As many as received Him,” is the alphabet that tells how to get to Heaven.  The compensation of the Gospel is the feeling “ am getting some place.”

Jesus has blazed the trail.  Psalm 36:1-4 is He, His etc.  Neat verses…thee, thine, etc.  Nice to take a gentle curve.  Satan makes many curves.  Get back to the straight path.  Every sect is started by gentle curves. 

Ezekiel 28, Satan had nine precious stones in his breastplate all out of order.  God’s breastplate had 12. 

Verse 5, Thy mercy is in the Heavens.  This is the first step towards getting in step with God.  Matter of talk will be according to how close we get in touch with Him.  Moses took forty days and nights to get the pattern.  Jesus gave the New Testament or law on the Mount.  He sent them out as genuine men. 

“Thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds.”  Exodus 34.  Big difference between Exodus 2 and Exodus 34.  “Shew me Thy face.”  “There is a place by Me and thou shalt stand upon a rock.”  This was at the top of the mount.  Moses ascended and God descended to have fellowship.  By one ascending and God descending, there was something done that day.  First act of Moses was fall on his face, worship and adore.  He paid Heaven’s price for Heaven’s commodities. 

The hidden manna takes labour.  Manna was gathered by people on their knees.  Many people give fifteen hours for the upkeep of their bodies and fifteen minutes or less for the upkeep of the soul.  The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.  Represent or re-present Christ.  Which is visited most in your life, the mercy seat or altar of whole burnt offering? 

Last couple of verses of Hebrews 4.  The great mountains Verse 6,  Mt. Ararat or mountain of rest, not on a polluted spot.  Many dead bodies of people and animals at base, but God had the ark rest high above these.  One of each clean animal was sacrificed.  God’s people are not among the polluted. 

Mt. Moriah: Abraham tested by giving his only son, a mountain of test and victory. 

Exodus 3:1, the burning bush - a type of Moses.  He burnt for eighty years his natural strength not abated.  Mt. Sinai where he received the tables of stone and law.  Mt. Nebo, where he saw the Promised Land and died.  Another great mountain was the Mount of Transfiguration.  The further we go on the mountain, the higher. 

Revelation 21:10, great and high mountain where John saw the New Jerusalem.  He was carried there by the Holy Spirit.  Dig deep for the precious metals. 

Verse 8, love is a great drawing power.  They shall be abundantly satisfied. 

The rivers of Babylon are rivers of displeasure.  Real true godliness is pictured in verses 5 to 10.