Sam Charlton - Iron Bridge Convention, Ontario, Canada - Saturday Evening, 1953

The Tabernacle.  Man likes to see his own fingerprints on words rather than follow God’s blueprints.  Eve let herself be reasoned out of God’s laws.  Jesus didn’t.  God wants furnished apartments.  I will dwell in them and walk in them.  God likes to walk into our mental apartment occasionally.  The Holy Spirit wants the furniture imported from Heaven, from His Catalogue (the Bible).  Every part of the tabernacle typified in Christ’s life. 

The Bible is also a menu list to keep us healthy.  He shall save His people from their sins.  Satan is a bluffer.  Tried to make David think it was impossible to overcome Goliath.  His bluffs worked with Saul and David’s brothers, but not with David.  There was nothing like the tabernacle seen in the world.  It was white. 

One entrance which was Jesus.  The door was white, scarlet, purple, and blue.  These are God’s colours or banners.  Jesus was a Lion of Judah, and he never apologized to every chipmunk he knocked out of the way.  White speaks of purity, righteousness.  Scarlet, sacrifice and suffering.  Purple royalty, and blue heavenly.  In the Court of the Tabernacle was the altar of whole burnt offering. 

God wanted a testimony on earth that showed the government of Heaven.  Jesus said, “I am the Bread of life, not the dainties."  Paul said, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”  First five words show faith, last five show where the grace comes from.  There was no admission except on business, no loiterers allowed in the tabernacle.  The offering had to be got ready by the help of the Priest (Jesus).  “Wait upon the Lord.”  He comes when He sees us waiting.  “In waiting I waited upon the Lord and He heard my voice, etc,”  David said in Psalm 40. 

In Isaiah 40, it shows four speeds: walk, run, and not be weary, mount up with wings as eagles and stand fast in Galatians 5.  Each person stood with his hand on his own offering.  How much of an offering have you brought as an offering to God to this Convention?  The laver was made of women’s mirrors.  The judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.  The best moments to see ourselves and get cleansed is in your room at your bedside, with no distractions.  The best embossing of God’s image in Jesus was done in the mount. 

Romans 12 shows how we do business with the Lord and others.  The four pillars holding the door (Jesus), might be Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  The same colours admit you into the holiest of all, lit by a very soft light from seven lovely lamps.  "I am the Light of the world."  Seven spirits as in Revelation.  There was a table with twelve loaves.  "I am the Bread of Life."  The incense was burnt because of feeling thankful and was to be burnt on fire of whole burnt offering started by God and it is our work to keep it burning.  It was out when Jesus came 2,000 years ago.  Will it be out again when He returns?  In the Holies of all there was the Ark, about size of a cedar chest.  It had no lid but was covered with the mercy-Seat.  The candle-stick and mercy-seat  were made of pure gold.  The laver was of brass.  The mercy-seat all of gold where man and God meet.