Sam McNabb - North Hatley, Quebec, Canada Convention - Friday Evening, July 3, 1936

In Luke 9th and 10th chapters, Jesus called and sent His disciples to preach.  He called 70 more and sent them two by two.  The Lord’s work still goes on the same.  It has not changed.  In 11th Chapter, His disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray.  The Lord taught by example…it is always clear.  He told them not to pray as the Pharisees.  When you pray get into the secret place and ask for the things we really need.

Our Father - We can only call him Father when we have been born into his family.  He is the father of all in Adam, but he wants us to be able to call him “Abba Father.”  We become his sons and daughters by choice, not by chance.  I found that there was nothing else in the world, so I made a covenant with God.  In the first part of the prayer:  God’s Name, His Kingdom, His Will.  Heaven begins on earth.  We enter into it here.  It comes to us by the preaching of the gospel.  God’s Kingdom doesn’t belong to the world.  Jesus wasn’t trying to build up a social Kingdom.  We can either put Jesus on the cross and ourselves on the throne, or we can put ourselves on the cross and Jesus on the throne.  The Kingdom of God had been set up in the lives of the disciples, but Jesus longed they would pray for others.  God’s will is done in Heaven.  To do God’s will on earth meant that we experience the cross of nature.  Their are many promises in the Bible and also many conditions. 

“Give us this day our daily bread.”  In the natural and spiritual we have to eat to live.  If we give it up, we would die.  There is a fountain open for all our sins.  We must have the forgiving spirit.  Divine nature will return good for evil.  When temptations come, it should make us strong.  There is a difference in walking into temptations and falling into it.  God delivers us out when we fall into temptation.  Peter sat down among the enemies of Jesus and warmed himself at the fire, but his heart got cold.  But he was willing to return to God again and went on to the end.  God never tempts us with evil.  Sometimes when we go to a little fellowship Meeting we have nothing to set before them.  Jarius’ daughter, who had been dead, was restored.  The first thing Jesus did was command that she be given something to eat.  We won’t get much from God unless we are in earnest.  Hannah was in earnest when she prayed.  God gave to her and she gave back again.  Elijah, 1 King 18, prayed for rain.  The Lord wanted to show him by the cloud the size of a man’s hand that he had a hand in it by praying.