Sam McNabb - North Hatley, Quebec, Canada Convention - Sunday Afternoon, July 5, 1936

Genesis 8, everything God has created fulfills its purpose but man.  We can either make God glad or sad that He has created us.  Being great in the eyes of man won’t count very much.  It’s what we are before God.  The devil’s purpose is to keep people going ahead so they can’t have time to think of God.  People in Noah’s day were pleasing themselves, but God spoke to Noah.  Noah was an individual.  In spite of opposition, he was a just man.  He was fulfilling all the claims and he walked with God.  That is he was in harmony with God’s mind and will. 

Enoch walked with God 300 years and didn’t get tired of it.  God gave Noah the pattern of the
Ark.  Noah was particular because he knew God was a particular God. 

Gopher wood:  it didn’t shrink or swell, but remained the same.  That is God’s Way all down the ages.  God has given a pattern in Jesus.  It was to be pitched within.  God begins within. 

There was just one window.  It was to be above.  That would suggest that the light Noah got was from God above.  The door on the side; first, second, and third stories.  It meant a lot for Noah to make the
Ark.  The first story - unclean animals;  second - clean animals; third - his family.  Don’t let right things get in wrong places. 

Come is mentioned 900 times in the Bible.  We must take the step.