Sarah Baseman - Separation - Argentina 2008

Lord, separate me to Thy work again
tho' it may mean to leave my friends and kin,
if it be for some poor soul to win....
Separate me again.

Lord, separate me from Thy people here,
whose faithful lives did oft my spirit cheer.
When in their homes I felt Thy presence near....
Keep them Lord in Thy fear.

Lord, separate me from Thy lab'rors too,
a precious fellowship in Christ we knew,
the bonding of the heart and soul that grew....
Keep them faithful and true.

Lord, separate me from my family dear,
their love and purpose for me made so clear,
that I, Thy will, would honor and revere...
Until Christ shall appear.

Lord, separate me to that distant land,
To humbly serve there with that noble band,
Whose dedicated lives are in Thy hand,
Laboring at Thy command....

Lord, tho' the separation painful be,
There's nothing that can separate from Thee,
Not life nor death nor principality,
Thine forever I will be....

Written by Sarah Baseman who laboured in Argentina and was killed in an accident last year. Now she is united with the One she truly loved.