Scott Boswell - Milltown II Convention - Afternoon Meeting, Saturday, August 21, 2004

Hymn 181, “Lord, We Love Thy Habitation”




Hymn 4, “O Lamb of God” 

Revelations 17:14, “…War with the lamb…” – A slaughter is not the way it is in Heaven.  We have a victorious Lamb in Heaven. 

I Corinthians 1:23-25, we think of things that are weak.  In the world – they’re despised.  It’s the weakest things that are the most powerful of God’s.  “The weakest things are stronger than men.”  Our greatest strength and hardest heart are our greatest sins.  His weakness can overcome all of that.  That which is in us and He can get us the victory. 

Ezekiel 3:6, the Lord giving us a new heart – removing a heart of stone.  We don’t have to suffer with that sin and spirit of weakness / the spirit of a lamb.  A lamb has no way to protect itself.  It’s harmless. 

Matthew 5:38, “Resist ye not evil.”  It’s not the nature of the lamb (to hit back).  That is only human nature.  Jesus kept peace.  Say, “Peace be unto this house,” when going to a home.  Some want to debate and there’s no peace in that. 

Some say taking the blame is weak, but in the kingdom of Heaven - that’s strength.  Jesus took the blame for us to stop the blame and hurt in our own life.  Jesus died for us.  In the kingdom of Heaven, when you die - you win.  If a seed dies, a better life can grow up - a fruitful life.  Jesus asked us to die, also. 

The Spirit of the Lamb can be in us. 

Be a friend with your enemy. 

Matthew 5:43, may the Lord help us see what He sees and think as He thinks.