Serima Zimbabwe Shona Special Meetings – January 2005

BONNIE SYKES   I love to see your desire to be here. We sang of choices.  They are important in youth and through-out whole life. They are all important.  Although some seem small, they can have far-reaching effects. There is a hymn that says, "Not where I wish to be nor where I wish to go. for who am I that I should choose my way?  The Lord shall choose for me, ’tis better far I know; so let Him bid me go or stay."  There are examples in the scriptures of who let God make their choices.  They are special. Abraham sent his servant to seek a bride for his son. This story is still true of our generation, of a young couple in our district. The young man’s name was Roger, serious and upright. Before I knew him, he prayed about his place in life - what God wanted him to do, to have a home or to go into the Work? It was revealed that it should be the home life. He was so sure that he started looking for a wife among his special friends.  None seem to be right, and he was getting older.


After some disappointments he prayed desperately: God tell me her name. The name of Andrea Wright came to him. Now, we can’t match people, and I never would have chosen Andrea for him.  They were so far apart. She didn’t seem to have depth in her, not stable and not neat – just the opposite! I don’t know how Roger felt, but he believed God. We were preparing and they both helped. When all was finished they went for a walk.  It was a nice place to do so. He asked her if she knew what her place in life is. Then he told her of his request for guidance, and that her very name was given to him. He then asked her to pray and ask God to show her place in life.  He would give her 2 weeks' time. After two weeks, she gave him the message: God has spoken to me and he wants me to be with you. He had bought a home nearby and then we often saw them together.


Both knew it was of God, and they would marry. Their love grew and they got married. After marriage, the story that touched me was the changes in Andrea. She was so pleased to be married to such a man and to know that it is in God’s will. She often speaks in the meeting and thanks God for the place God has given her. Roger is also happy. They have two children they are raising in the fear of God. We are thankful there are still people praying that God make their choices for them. God wants to help us in choices and they affect our lives. May God help us to be near Him and trust him, because then our lives will be successful.


THELMA GALBRAITHE  I am happy to be here.  It is a joy to us that God calls his people from every nation, and we can rejoice in this fellowship. I observed oxen here. You know much about oxen.  We don’t use oxen anymore, but I will speak of the yoke  - it is easy to do that!  The purpose of the yoke is not to lie around  on the ground.  It is useful when it is on the ox. Jesus gives the example to us of taking the yoke in Matthew 11:  "My yoke is easy and my burden is light."  He invites us to put on the yoke. How did we get in?  We got love – we were drawn by the bands of love. Do we love the yoke?  This plan of the yoke is how we can go on.  We can’t stand still or go back, but on to eternity. We can’t do it ourselves, but only with Jesus. What He said, "If we walk with humility we have fellowship."  We want to learn to stay in the yoke. We heard of horses running away and smashing the wagon. What caused it?  You must love your load. When we are without Jesus, we are like a runaway course. May we see the reward.

A brother told us a little story of an ox that was very stubborn to yield to the yoke. The master wondered what to do?  Then the ox spoke to the dog and asked, "Has the master spoken about me?"  "No," said the dog.  "But I saw him talking to the butcher!"  We know we have to be submissive. When we are young, the yoke is not easy.  Now it is easier. I hope we can say that. The way is not easier, but we love the yoke and the Way.

There are a few yokes in the Bible. (Genesis 27;40)  The 2 sons, Esau and Jacob.  Remember when Esau and Jacob got blessing. Esau said, "I want a blessing, father."  Esau will have the blessing of the earth and the dew – we always want the blessing, but only of this life. It is only when new life comes that we really get blessing.  Esau would like to break the yoke; the new Christlike nature ruled. There was something that doesn’t want to submit; something like a runaway nature. 1 Samuel 25, David had to run.  Here he got angry.  He cast off mercy and judgement and wanted revenge. We have all had a runaway nature. Here someone met him with the spirit of Jesus, and said, "I’ll bear the blame!"  Proverbs 15:1, "A soft answer turns away wrath."  Gentleness will bind us and we can have the same spirit as Abigail. This can bind people in a home. In 2 Samuel 11:4, David made a bad break.  Not only what he did, but what he hid for a while.  He had taken someone’s wife. A man of God came to speak to him. If we break away, someone will talk so we can keep our place. What would strengthen us is honesty. Another runaway in 1 Kings 5: David’s son said, "I will be king!" ,He set out, exalted himself with many people with him. We can have runaway in pride and bring strife. We need to be humble. We see Mary in another yoke: John 12.  Martha, busy in her house, complained about her sister not helping her. Later we see Martha served, not complaining. Enjoy you service!  Is it your joy to serve?  It’s a wonderful yoke.  Jesus called 12 men (Matthew 10):  The yoke we have is the ministry. We are bound in the yoke by the love of God and the love grows for souls. It appeals, what I see of the love of God in your lives.