Serina Holzthausen - Harare Covention - 2003

Hymn 244, "My heart is resting oh my God, I will give thanks and sing"

I am so glad that I have made it because I realise that we have so much to be thankful for. God has been good to me and I am still here today and I have made it. Isn't that a wonderful thing that we are all together in this. We know that it not because of anything in us I have prayed so much that the Lord would please speak to me touch me because I have been to conventions before and I have not felt His touch. In the meeting this morning I knew that God has touched me.

I was thinking about Psalm 45 that we were to have Wednesday night. It's been in my mind all week. In the Afrikaans, it says it's a wedding song. It says of the psalmist that the Lord will anoint him with the oil of gladness ... it says in another place, the oil of joy. I was glad for that because that is what the Lord wants to do, to anoint us with the oil of joy. I just thought of anointing and I read about the ointment for anointing and we know that we don't bath in it. It's not a big bath and the Lord immerses us in it, it is just a little touch. It is a beautiful psalm and I read it many times and it says this about the King's daughter or the princess, her clothing is of wrought gold and that she will be brought unto the King in raiment of needlework, but it says in another translation that I like very much:  She will be brought to the King with a garment of interwoven gold and in raiment of embroidery. I just thought of that garment interwoven with gold and as we stand before our King today and as we heard from Leslie this morning we stand before God just as we are.

I just read about the garment of the bride in Revelations 19:8, it was made of pure white linen. A bride today when she goes to choose material for her dress, I think it is the last thing she would buy ... linen. This is a natural fibre and if a bride looks at a piece of linen, she wouldn't want it but if God was woven through it, it would increase it's value so much that she would want it. It would become a costly garment. I just thought of the Lord would also see our garments. I saw some in union meetings where we come from, some have gone through experiences but it doesn't show.

In the meeting this morning, and this afternoon I got a picture of my Grandmother, she was among the first to profess in
Namibia about 70 years ago and in the last few years ago, her mind went. She didn't know who or what she was. She often sat in a wheelchair also, and I often sat with her and she could tell us of the day when they first met the workers, of the first meeting they sat in. That old linen garment has just about worn away.

There was one of our other friends, a few years ago he passed away, he also had Alzheimer's and he had been serving God since he was a young man and one day one of the nurses found him ... he had got on his knees just by his bed but he didn't remember what he was doing it for. Again she saw him kneel by his bed and then he got up, he couldn't remember what he was doing it for. She asked what is the matter but he couldn't tell her, one of the relatives told her. The thread of God could be seen. In our frail little garment, the gold thread can be seen.

I thought of embroidery too. You know, embroidery is worked stitch by stitch by stitch, I do some of it myself - you keep it close by your face and you don't see the little mistakes. That is how the Lord works in our hearts on this garment, stitch by stitch every day, Just our everyday lives, sometimes there are highs and sometimes there are lows and some strait sections just going on and on and the Lord is working.

When Wieks was here last, he spoke about autumn leaves, you know when they fall to the ground, you know how beautiful autumn leave are and we all like looking at them. He said you can go and pick up any leaf, it's not perfect and there will always be a mark on it, I have often looked after I heard Wieks telling about and there are many little marks and little imperfections but you can just see the beauty of it. The beauty of God's people, we just see the beauty, we don't see those little imperfections. We just see the beauty.

* So nice to know that in spite of so much unrest in Zimbabwe that the Lord could bring such peace to the hearts of His servants and people that they could speak of songs which have been mentioned so often in the midst of the convention days.  One of the Sisters mentioned that they were going to forget the turmoil for these convention days and hear what our Father has to say, and this is the result.