Shirley Wilton - First Half of Second Meeting, Nurioopa Special Meeting - May 10, 2004

When I was thinking of something for this meeting, the words came to me, "There is no gain but by a loss," and Jesus also spoke these words, "Unless a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone, but if it die, it brings forth much fruit." A corn of wheat; a grain of wheat when it falls into the ground, it gives itself and it's consumed, but I thought that in that seed there is a life that will multiply. It is the life that brings forth fruit. There is no gain but by a loss, and if we keep anything for ourselves we will not gain.

Jesus taught us by His life and how He lived and how He gave. Jesus gave Himself that there would be a gain; He was willing to lose naturally that He would gain, so that we would have life. We know that we have to lose in the flesh; die to the flesh so that there would be gain; there would be gain in the Spirit. John the Baptist said, "He must increase and I must decrease," and this comes through a loss; but with the loss there is a gain. The more we give ourselves to God; the more we give ourselves to Him, the more we are going to gain. The more we withhold the more we lose; there is more loss. It is not only loss to ourselves but a loss to the Kingdom. God wants us to know what it is to profit; to profit in His Kingdom, and to have our values right, knowing there is no gain but by a loss. When we are willing to lose that which is of the flesh, it is all gain in the interests of His Kingdom and the interest of our soul.

Jesus spoke in Matthew of taking up our cross; denying ourselves and following Him, and also He said, "What profit is there if a man should gain the whole world and lose his own soul?" It would be good for us to ask ourselves that same question, "What are we profited if we could gain the whole world and lose our own soul?" There is so much we could gain in the world; there is so much that we could rely on; so much that would satisfy the flesh; so much that would cause us to look back, but it would be no profit to us if we would lose our soul. There is so little to lose and so much to gain.

I was thinking of Daniel and his companions and their faith, and all that they were willing for so that they would gain and God's Kingdom would be magnified and glorified. They where willing for whatever it meant for this to be. They were willing to give their lives in the interest of God's Kingdom and they where willing for whatever it would cost naturally. It speaks of Daniel in the 6th chapter of those who were given a position and there were those who sought to find fault, but they couldn't find any fault in him; there was an excellent spirit in him. He was manifesting the life of Christ. That life within him was growing; he was profiting and he was manifesting the spirit that he was of, because of the Spirit of God within him. They thought that they could find something against him, but they couldn't find anything against him, except they found it against the law of his God. They asked the king to pass a decree that if anyone asked a petition of anyone within thirty days, save of the king, that he would be cast into the den of lions. I just thought of Daniel, he wasn't concerned about the loss of his life but he was concerned about his soul; that was the most precious thing in his sight. God was the one he needed to come to; the one he needed to get direction from; the one he needed to be in the presence of, continually. It didn't make any difference to him because he was concerned about his soul; that his soul would prosper, when the decree was signed he continued to pray and to ask of God. There were those who were waiting and watching for him to do this so as to take a report to the king and the king was so disappointed because he knew that Daniel was a true man, but he had to carry out what he had signed, we know that Daniel was delivered from the mouth of the lions and a decree was made that all men should worship the God of Heaven. Because Daniel was willing; willing to give himself in the interest of the Kingdom; willing to die to self; willing to give all for his soul, he was giving room for the life of Christ. He was giving room for the Spirit to control and it was manifest and God's work was glorified and he was a useful life in that kingdom.

I was thinking also of Paul, that he said in the 3rd chapter of Philippians (Verse 7), "What things were gain to me I count as loss for Christ. Yea doubtless, and I count all things as loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of an things and do count them as dung, that I may win Christ. And be found in Him, not having mine own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith." Paul had much gain in life and he had prospered naturally, but it was nothing in the sight of God and nothing that would help his soul and he counted all things as loss that he might win Christ, when he prospered in the Kingdom and when he gained in the Kingdom, there would be room for the Spirit of God and he could prove the power of the resurrection, we also read in the 1st chapter of Philippians (verse 9), "This I pray that your love may abound yet more in knowledge and in all judgement; that ye may approve things that are excellent; that ye may be sincere and without offence till the day of Christ." That your life may abound yet more and more, and that's what God wants us to increase in; our love for Him. He wants us to love Him more and more and He wants us to know His love more and more, and it's only as we are continually in His presence that we are going to know more of His love increasing. The more that we are in His presence the more we are going to grow in His love, and, as we grow in His love, we will grow in our love for one another; we'll grow in our love for a perishing world. May we be willing to give ourselves in the interest of the Kingdom; willing to allow God to be magnified in us so that others can see who we are living for, and that we would not be ashamed of what He has brought us into; what He has put within our hearts, that new life that would continue to come forth and be evident. Also that we would not be ashamed to declare and to show that, that which is of God is the most precious thing to us.

Paul was also speaking of departing, and that it was better for him to remain so as to be an encouragement to them, "And having this confidence, I know that I shall abide and continue with you all for your furtherance and joy of faith." He desired that there would be a furtherance and an increase to their faith, and isn't that what God wants to give to us? An increase in our joy and an increase in our faith that we would be useful in the Kingdom, we are glad of those who encourage us so that we can share and enjoy the things that will warm our hearts and that help us to increase in the things that matter most and we can learn that there is no gain but by a loss. We also read in Hebrews of the correction and it speaks of a father correcting his children for his pleasure but God corrects us for our profit. Our Father corrects us for our profit so that we would gain. We know that He doesn't correct us to hurt us or disappoint us, but He corrects so that we would not be found living for ourselves, we know that there is a pull against one nature; the human nature and the Divine nature, but when we are willing for a gain through loss we know that it is going to separate us and it will hurt us. God doesn't speak to hurt us but He speaks to deliver us from that which would be a hurt to ourselves. We are glad for the message of God that separates us more and more unto Himself so that we would know that there is no gain but by a loss; a loss to ourselves; a loss to the flesh, but a gain in that we would learn the value of what God can give to us and what we can grow in and what we can be in His Kingdom so that we could desire more and more of that life; that life of Christ so that we can grow and be fruitful and know the blessing that God wants to continue to bless us in. For Jesus' sake.