So Swift the Way, So Short the Day

In the fast moving world of turmoil and tension,

With problems and troubles, too many to mention -

Our days are so crowded and our hours are so few

There’s so little time and so much to do.


We are pressured and pushed until we are dizzy,

There’s never a minute we’re not crazily busy -

And sometimes we wonder, as we rush thru the day,

Does God really want us to hurry this way?


Why are we impatient and continually vexed,

And often bewildered, disturbed, and perplexed?

Perhaps we’re too busy with our own selfish seeking,

To hear the dear Lord when He’s tenderly speaking.


We are working so tensely in our own self-centered way,

We’ve no time for listening to what God has to say -

And, hard as we work, at the end of the day,

We know in our hearts we did not "pay our way."


But God, in His mercy, looks down on us all

And though what we’ve done is so pitifully small -

He makes us feel welcome to kneel down and pray

For the chance to do better as we start a new day.


And life would be better if we learn to rely

On our Father in Heaven without asking, “Why?”

And if we’d remember as we rush through the day,

The Lord is our Shepherd and He’ll lead the way.


So, don’t rush ahead in reckless endeavor

Remember He leadeth and Time is forever!