Some Good Notes

Your willingness to give your testimony has touched my heart deeply. To be ready to honour God, there is nothing that can replace that. I am thankful for my privilege and cannot express my gratitude properly in English although I could in a different language. The Lord knows the language of the spirit. We understand one another by this language wholeheartedly.

I have been thinking of Psalm 23. This psalm comes out of the depths of the heart of David. He is a good friend of mine. I hope, if I be true until I reach the goal, I will see David on the other side of Jordan. I thank God for those who were faithful, struggling on in spite of many hard failures and disappointments in their lives.

“The LORD is my shepherd.” David was a sheep in the sight of God, a king as a sheep. Jesus was the Lamb of God, the One willing to give His life and He could also say, “The LORD is My shepherd,” personally. I remember when I went to my first Convention when I was fifteen years old. I later professed but could not say, “The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want.” Now forty-seven years have passed and I can say that wholeheartedly, “The LORD is my shepherd I shall not want.” I have all I need for my daily life, struggles and also victory, not to be proud, but to keep humble. I shall not want anything.

I have only pity for those amongst the children of God, and they have said openly in our country, “The way is too narrow. It costs a little bit too much to walk in this way.” They are just walking on the border of the way, not in the middle. Some are in the way of life but the way of life is not in them. It is possible to walk with the people of God in this living, everlasting way of Jesus Christ, and the way not be in us.

“He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.” Sometimes the hardest struggle for me is not just to sit down but to lie down. We sit here and our thoughts can go for a walk somewhere. “He maketh me to lie down...,” speaks of rest and peace. Where is peace? We could never find rest and peace, only alone in Jesus Christ, the living Way. When I try to pray many things come up in my memory, not bad things, but I have to say to myself, “Lie down,” and the pasture is green. It is not dry ground. The water of life has been freely pouring out yesterday and today. The Lord is giving with His both hands, holding nothing back. He gives wholeheartedly. He gave us all He had in Jesus Christ, He could not give more. Jesus, in the Garden of Gethsemane said, “... not My will but Thine be done.” That was His sacrifice.

“He leadeth me beside the still waters.” It is wonderful the quietness before the meeting and between meetings. There is something precious in the secret place. My spirit had a visit with a well-known man amongst us around the world. I thank God for him. I went into that little room where Daniel went in his days. Daniel went there three times a day. He had a lot of business to do which took his time. He had great business to do for the king, but he never forgot to go to the still waters of Jerusalem. His window was open towards Jerusalem three times a day. We cannot pray every hour of the whole day, but if we can just take time to go to that still waters, there will be that quietness.

In spite of all that was against him, he went there and they found him beside the still waters. For the children of God there is a secret power. Who gave you the power to stand for the truth, to resist the devil? There was a little child of seven years in first class. A professor came and a doctor came to test those children to see if they were capable to be put into second class. The first child, a little girl, had never seen the professor before. The first question was, “Who is the boss in your house?” What a funny question? The child answered, “The Lord in Heaven is boss in our house.” He was shocked. “I mean, who do you love most in your family: father, mother or little brother?” “Our Father in Heaven, I love Him the most.”

Standing quietly looking into that face, he could not find words and went to another child. The lady doctor was listening and went later to the mother of that little girl and is now in contact with the everlasting Gospel.

Daniel didn’t flee away. He was put into the lions’ den but knew that the Lord would help him. If the Lord plans, why should we be afraid? He was looking to the other side of the Jordan. We are only pilgrims going towards this everlasting Kingdom. I thank God for the invitation to come here to your country. As children, we heard of Australia as a land of desert and kangaroos, but what a wonderful country it is. I have met the most wonderful children of God. There are so many kilometres between us but they count for nothing. The Spirit and love of God don’t know separation and measuring. It is the living way of God.

“He restoreth my soul.” It is a soul matter for us, our inward life, to meet here together. Our soul is living and everlasting in us, that inward life. Three things are everlasting in us and everyone on earth has these three things: soul, conscience, and heart. You can be sure that, from time to time, God is knocking on everyone’s heart. The soul is suffering in an ungodly life. The Lord was gracious to us in sending help at the right time. Sixty years have gone since Lottie Wix, George Wix, and Ern Punke were the first Workers in my home. My father and mother had been longing, praying for many years, “O Lord, send us Thy servants.” They were disappointed in every church.

“He leadeth me in paths of righteousness.” The Spirit of the Lord leads us, and all the people, His sheep, are guided by the Spirit of God in the same direction. Not one thing is different in the work of God here and in the country I come from. Jesus is the living way of righteousness and is leading. You cannot find anything righteous in this world today, but we have righteousness in the path that Jesus trod. In His footsteps, we will walk and be satisfied.

“For His name’s sake.” The name of God is important to us. We are His children, we bear His name. The Lord is looking down and we are safe because of walking this narrow way in His yoke. We bear His reproach and pray for our enemies. The Lord is looking down, and stepped in at the right time when Herod was thinking, “Now I can kill Peter.” He took Peter and put him in the prison. James had been beheaded and was now in Heaven, a young servant of God. He had a short life in the way of God but leaves a testimony as long as the earth remains. He was willing to die for Jesus, a young Worker and now Mark was filling the gap. Herod was going to take Peter, too. When the Lord is moving one finger, who can move against Him?

The Lord can shut the mouth, and He shut Herod’s mouth in the same chapter. His angel is waiting, powerful, mighty, waiting in Heaven when the children of God are suffering for Jesus’ sake. The Lord looked down and could say, “My disciples, My children, they are in My hands, not your hands. I allowed that young servant to come up to Me forever, but not Peter, he’s not finished. I need him down there as a testimony of one who is willing to go ahead.” God in Heaven plans so carefully for you and me. We can trust in Him, have confidence in Him. “In the darkest hours only follow Me.”

The secret of all is found in the same chapter. Some anxious sheep of God gathered together in one room, praying that the Lord would help Peter to stand fast in the last hour. They were finding no rest or sleep or quietness. Our Father never slumbers nor sleeps and heard that cry of those true sheep and acted. They could hardly believe that Peter could be free. That maid was so surprised.

There is an illustration of a man of fifty-eight years. His wife had been professing for fifteen years and he did all he could to hinder her. He finally broke and made his choice. Two years later he was to be baptized but died before he could be. His wife was at the bedside holding his hand but he withdrew his hand and said, “My dear, beloved wife, the next step I go alone with Jesus. You cannot follow me now, you will follow me later.”

That hour is before us. If we die daily, it will not be so strange. The wife was shocked but, a few minutes later, he went over the Jordan. Death is only a shadow. Satan lost his power when he was put out of Heaven. He knows how wonderful Heaven is but has no chance to repent. Not one of his angels is going back to Heaven. The shadow of death came but the shadow of death lost its power.

The shadow of death was creeping over that lady in John 8, the lady who was to be stoned. Jesus noticed the hypocrites who had brought her to Jesus to do something against her. Jesus knows the heart. She was standing before Him and He was quiet. Where was the man who accused her? Was the man amongst them? They were all hypocrites.

There was a clergyman three times divorced preaching about that matter of hypocrisy. One day at the graveside of one of our Friends, and the mother of the girl was well known to the priest who was at the funeral. He came to her and said, “What do you think Rosie, which of my three wives will be mine in eternity? I would like to have the first.” She responded, “You are a clergyman and you don’t know what happens on the other side.” She told him, “There will be no wives or husbands because all will be new creatures, but in your case, although I don’t judge you, I think you could not be there.” He was stirred in himself.

I hope the Lord will help us to live our life in the light of Jesus. We have a really wonderful treasure in the Word of God. “Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me.”  That word was so often my staff, comforting me.

“Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies. Thou anointest my head with oil.” The Spirit is moving amongst us, anointing us. “My cup runneth over.” David always had something for others. He was overflowing with thankfulness. We should have some crumbs from this Convention for those who could not get to a Convention. Maybe they are alone on the last steps of the ladder to Heaven where our Father is still waiting for you and me.

“I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.” David was looking forward to the wonderful house of God. The “I” was personal. That was a serious thought and a warning to me that if others go astray from His way, for myself, “I will dwell.” Part of his family are already in that house, a wonderful and everlasting family.

May God help us to realise our privileges these days, and to have His presence with us. He is still the same Father and same Shepherd that David knew.