Some Marks of the Elect Children of God

They are sincere in a world of "put on."

They walk with open face, are transparent, having nothing to hide.

They have nothing to fear and speak from the heart.

There is no guile in them - being pure in heart and mind, they don't understand deceit, suspicion or evil in others.

They are loyal and never betray a friend of take advantage of an enemy!

They may suffer at the hands of others but do not return evil for evil.

Sorrow comes to them (it does to all) but they come forth from it as pure as gold.

Suffering does not make them bitter, but sweetens their spirit and teaches them lessons of pity and sympathy.

They are generous and what they do is done from a pure motive.

What to many would be a duty, would be to them an opportunity to show Christ's spirit.

They would be kind, even if all the world were cruel.

Because there is no vanity in them, they are not "puffed up" by praise; they are humble in heart but do not know it, and of course, do not speak of it.

They are meek, but not the meekness of fear which is slavish.

They don't boast of what they are, for they know God is to be thanked for any good that is in them; and they do not feel they are superior to others (although in a way they are so).

This goodness is an unconciousness of itself, and is therefore, pure.

They are gentle toward all men, knowing the weakness of the flesh, they are compassionate.

Where others look for faults in their friends, they look for virtues, and when they err from justice, they lean toward mercy.

Their hearts beat at the world's needs and thus are kept soft and in tune.

They are cheerful, thus their presence dispels gloom from troubled hearts as the rising sun does the morning clouds.

No matter how heavy their own hearts are, they will smile and speak words of cheer.

They have learned that misery is diminished when shared by sympathy.

They help to carry the burdens of others, but never expect of ask theirs to be carried.

They have themselves under control - their good temper is not dependent on good company, but at all times, under all circumstances sail on at an even keel.

They are calm and serene in the midst of storms, and because peace rules in their hearts, fear is far from them.

They draw troubled souls to them, and comfort all who mourn.

Their hearts are large enough to "mother" an orphan world.

To know them is to be made strong in spirit.

Outward things only seem to perfect them.

They are brave in times of stress and worry.

When others lose head and heart, they are bolder than at other times.

They are dependable; they have a deep true faith in God, and take all that comes.

When others complain, they give thanks, whatever their lot, they make the best of it, and look at what comes to them as better than they deserve.

They are free from envy and rejoice in the good fortunes of others as if it were their own.

They do not strive, but let their adversary have both sides of the dispute.

In dark times, they live in hope.

They are the light of the world, because they reflect the light of Jesus.